Explain what you do in a way that
gets people excited.

Clarify your message, infuse it with story & discover your natural way of sharing it

ya know, so that *your* people can find you and pay you to help them

The aim of the game is to shorten the amount of time it takes for someone to “know, like & trust” you by simplifying what you say + getting smart about how you share it

(because helloooo, your content should hustle 24/7, not you.)

We do this by finding that one message you want to be known for and exploring all of the different ways you can express it so that:

a) you can become *known* for something

which makes you memorable, recommendable and
easy to trust-able

b) you don’t get bored

because let’s be real, if you’re not excited to talk about your stuff… how can we expect other people to be excited to listen?


combining self study with 1:1 mentorship


An 8-week experience designed to get you feeling crystal clear, visibly confident + excited to create content that sells your stuff.

Specifically designed for those who represent their brand online, it’s all about playing to your natural strengths &  articulating what makes you… well, you!

Think step-by-step plan to write up your messaging, direct 1:1 collaboration & feedback from me to create unshakeable levels of belief in what you do.

By getting clear on my messaging it has given me such a boost in confidence, and I feel now I can communicate my value without feeling self-conscious.

Working with Becky has been one of my top best business decisions. I would recommend Becky to anyone who feels stuck and frustrated in their business – money well spent!

If your goal is to create better content:


The Content Chronicle

What if you could attract your ideal people to you while you sleep? Turn someone from a stranger into a super-fan overnight? Wake up to new bookings, orders and email sign-ups? All by creating some long-form content that does the selling for you. Yep, it’s the Content Chronicle! The mini-course and inspiration booster delivered straight to your Inbox ready for you to get stuck in.

free digital download

Storytelling Cheat Sheet

Ever wondered how to *actually* infuse storytelling into your content online? Wonder no more! Grab my free Storytelling Cheat Sheat for 16 hacks to create binge-worthy business content. (Warning: may cause an influx of new superfans)

free digital download

Insta Intro Highlights

Lost for words creating your ‘Intro highlights’ on Instagram? I gotchu’ boo. Follow this 7-step story-led guide where I tell you exactly what to say to introduce yourself powerfully so strangers are tapping that follow button quicktime.

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