Put words to your unique brilliance.

✍️ Get clear on what you want to be known for
🗣️ Tell people about it consistently.
😎 Become the ‘go-to’ in your industry 

ok, let’s play a super quick game…

Imagine you’re stood in a line of people who sell the *exact* same thing as you

…and you’re given 30 seconds to explain why someone should choose YOU instead of them

*cue sweaty palms*

Could you do it? Convincingly?

And spoiler alert, if your answer is “Because I’m me!” then *booop* you lose.

…because as a stranger, I have zero idea what that actually *means*!

The Why You Workshop is designed to help you articulate *exactly* what makes you perfectly placed to help your ideal clients and customers in a way no one else can.

Because if you wanna be the obvious choice for people, the reasons why have to be obvious.

what’s included?

  • 30-minute Workshop to guide you through creating your Onlyness Factor‘ & Differentiation Statement
  • Downloadable Workbook containing everything you need to answer the question “Why you?”
  • Fill-in-the-blanks templates to get you out of the starting blocks that you can customise to your hearts content
  • A list of action steps to take once you’ve completed the workshop to start sharing your unique brilliance with people


  • Access to discounted 1:1 sessions with me if you want delve deeper and receive personalised feedback and guidance

early bird price: £37*

*After the first 100 sales, this price will increase – get in quick!

This workshop is perfect for you if:

You’re the face of your business (even if you don’t show it all that much!)

What you sell is based on your unique skills, experiences, expertise or perspective (I’m talking coaches, makers, course creators, service-based badasses… or anything that has a strong dose of YOU in it.)

You’re struggling to articulate what’s *different* about you compared to other people who do the same thing (or you know, you have zero idea what is actually different right now 😬)

You have a *relatively* clear idea of who your ideal clients & customers are (at least enough to know what they might be interested in)

You’re ready to say goodbye to Genericsville and move on in to Specific City (and are prepared to stop trying to please/serve everyone)

Content & Copywriting

on easy mode

When you’re clear on why someone should choose you, content & copywriting takes care of itself.

Following the workshop, you’ll be able to confidently update your:

✨ Instagram Bio
✨ Media Bios
✨ Introduction posts
✨ Podcast intros
✨ Social Media highlights
✨ Social Media pinned posts
✨ Website about page
✨ Sales page “Meet [your name]”
✨ Email welcome sequences
✨ Your elevator pitch

…and anywhere else you introduce yourself!


The step-by-step process to putting words to your brilliance
for humans who represent their business online.

…because you’re not a robot, are you? So why are you talking like one?

If you’re ready to:

💡 Create a list of ‘onlyness factors’ so you know exactly what it is you want to be known for
📖 Understand how to differentiate yourself so that you become uncopyable & competition proof
💕 Clarify exactly who ‘your people’ are based on your differentiation and create content that speaks to their soul
⏰ Save a ridiculous amount of time by not second-guessing yourself and re-writing your IG bio a million times
🧠 Change the way you think about what you do and uncover your *true* value, with a generous helping of confidence on the side!

…then this workshop is for you my friend!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for product or service based businesses?

Both! If you’re the face or person behind your brand (even if you don’t always show up directly!) then this workshop will be a great fit for you.

What if I'm not creative/good at writing?

Can I be real with you?

I believe that if you’re human – you’re creative, even if you don’t think you are. It’s in your DNA!

Butttt I know that sometimes we can freeze up and suddenly start writing as if we’re required to submit our work to an Examining Board – the school homework conditioning runs deep, amiright?

That’s why you’ll also get an Examples document to help inspire your originality and some fill-in-the-blanks templates so you can get started.

Do you offer refunds?
As this is a digital product that you get immediate access to I am unable to offer refunds.
Will I be able to get feedback from you?
While the Why You Workshop is designed to be self-led… there is an opportunity to send me your work for feedback at zero extra cost (but you’ll have to complete the workshop to find out how 😎)

…and it’s only fair to answer


The short answer:

I profoundly give a f*ck about helping “the good guys” in business WIN by unashamedly being themselves.

The long(er) answer:

Back in 2018 I quit my high-flying job working in the film industry on movies like Mission Impossible, Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them and The Avengers to use my storytelling superpowers for the greater good.

After faffing about for a year trying to emulate what I *thought* a successful business person did & said…

I realised I’d done nothing more than turn into a soulless clone that was perpetuating an outdated idea of what ‘success’ meant.

⬆️ which btw, did absolutely eff all for my bank balance either

Why is why I now help others like me stick a middle finger up to the “shoulds” & own what makes them genuinely drool-worthy for their people.

Because the thing that “sells” is you being you. Not some watered down, self-censored, playing small version of you.


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