Thoughts On Success (A Poem)

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Personal Writing

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I see you, striving, driving yourself into the ground
Working hard, hoping someday you’ll make ‘em proud
But my love,  this whole concept of success we’ve been told is a lie
It keeps us always wanting more, ready to be sold to another time
And it’s seductive, even though we all really know material things
can only ever amplify the joy that’s already inside

But to turn tides and to change this narrative
we have to give, ourselves over to the idea
That all we need to succeed is already right here

So stop,
Looking elsewhere for the answers
On how to be successful and give yourself a chance t’
Recognise the truth,
that real success is something you’ll never have to prove

You have the wisdom, you have the power
To take a breath, a moment an hour
A year, there’s really no time limit 
You get to call the shots, define the timeline and with it
You get to decide what it really means
To be successful because my love we are human, we are not machines

Our gift is our imperfections, it’s where the magic lies
Because no one else can see the world through your eyes
So instead of rejecting the parts of yourself that don’t quite fit
Reject those that make you feel as though you’re not quite worthy of it
Release the idea your success will only be realised when you pass some test,
That you need to be more qualified first and only then you can rest

Refuse to accept that to succeed you must bleed to prove that you’re worthy
That you have to work harder than everyone else on this journey
Because this isn’t a competition and this isn’t a race
It’s not a game where we’re waiting to see who’s got the Ace
There is room for everyone to succeed in their own way
And to figure out what that looks like in their day to day

So take that breath and give your nervous system a break
Step away from the screens and let your lungs inflate
Breathe in the knowledge that you are enough
And no amount of work or hustle is required for you to feel love

But know this, this journey of acceptance must start within
And there is no other moment than the present to begin
So release your past and stop worrying about the future
Remember that real life exists beyond the screen of your computer
Life is what you make it, and success is yours to define
And figuring that out, well, it’s the adventure of a lifetime

So relax, take a breath and enjoy it, because for all we know we only get one shot
And trust me when I say that whatever it takes, you’ve already got

Words by Becky Lloyd Pack

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