The Truth About Working On Your Brand Message

In the video, I taking you through my approach to working on brand messaging and what it’s like to work with me… because it’s different from most others out there!

My method involves stripping away the layers that are stopping you from expressing yourself naturally, rather than trying to package you up to be best received by your audience.

You see, I’m more interested in helping you to be more of yourself and articulating what you want to say versus saying what might sound nice of paper. (Spoiler alert, this is the thing that actually leads to sales anyway ;))

This method is especially helpful for those who represent their brand and are trying to go against the grain or disrupt in some way.

Overall, my approach to messaging is about helping you connect with what’s at the heart of your business and your brand and express it in a way that feels natural for you.

Video Transcript

So what’s it actually like to work on your brand message?

What’s it like to work with me?

What are the kind of things that we do?

What’s the approach I take or the end goal?

What are the beliefs that inform my process?

These aren’t questions that anybody has outright asked me however if somebody was thinking about working on that brand message or even just considering the answer to these questions in general, I’m pretty sure they would have a preconceived idea about what the answer is that is actually quite far from the truth.

Because the way that I approach brand messaging, the way that I approach my work is very different from what a lot of probably the other messaging out there implies.

When we generally think about the act of messaging or marketing, we often think about how can we package ourself up to be best received by our audience?

How can we edit and trim and ultimately strip away all the “excess” until we’re left with the most perfect, beautiful answer? An answer that is concise and to the point and hides all the ugliness and trims away all the messy bits so that people understand what it is that we do.

And while there is an element of truth in some of that, my approach is that when we think about messaging because of the specific people that I gravitate towards, because of the specific people that I want to work with, which are those that represent their brand. They are the people who are the heart, face and soul of their business and usually on some level are trying to influence cultures or go against the grain or disrupt in one way or another. They’re trying to do something which feels a little bit rebellious, which is usually why we have such trouble articulating these things because of the baggage that we carry that stops us from doing that.

When you are in that scenario, if you do identify with that description, while your messiness is actually part of the message.

And so when I approach messaging, when I have sessions with my clients, what I’m trying to do is not package you up, but actually strip away all the layers that are stopping you from naturally just expressing the way that you want to express.

I’m not trying to change you. I’m not trying to get you to be anything other than you naturally are.

I’m really much more interested in stripping away the “shoulds” and stripping away the structure that you’ve placed around yourself, the boundaries that you’ve placed around yourself that are stopping you from just being able to articulate what it is that you want to do.

And generally speaking, while my approach and the results that I want to help you work towards is about engaging more people and getting more people to ultimately buy into what you do and pay you money in exchange for that thing because they see the value in it… the actual method of doing so that I take is about helping you be more you.

It’s about actually getting to the crux of what you want to say and then really just trying to shift all those barriers that you’re putting in your own way that are stopping you from just saying it.

I think one of the best descriptions I can give about the way that I work is that I really just act as a beautiful mirror for you.

I ask you questions and I’m able to sit in that position of curious ness and hear your answers and because I don’t have your in a dialogue constantly telling me to stop or constantly bombarding with the shoulds, I am able to really hear the magic of what you’re saying.

And one of the pieces of feedback I get all the time is people feel like I can read their minds, but I’m not at all, I’m simply listening to what you say! But I’m also very keenly attuned to the energy that some beneath that.

So when you speak, I notice what lights you up I can feel which lands in my body as an:

“Oh… wait, that was important, what you just said. I felt it!”

Versus the rest of the time we’re too overwhelmed by the internal chatter to notice it.

I’m not really going to say much more on this, to be honest, except that that if you feel frustrated as hell by your inability to articulate what you know is within you, you feel inside that you do have a message that you want to share.

When you think about your offers and pull yourself out of the weeds of all the details and really focus on: “Oh gosh, if I actually got all the clients I want to, if I had the impact that I wanted, wow, the world would be an amazing place!”

Like, if you know that and yet your own inability to put words to it is consistent only doing your head in then I honestly just really want to say to you, why aren’t you working with me yet?

Why haven’t you applied to Project Clarity?

I know for a fact because I’ve done this with people before, I’m coming up to five years of doing this!

And if you resonate with me and my message in the way I talk about life and business and creativity, and if you watch my stuff or listen to my other episodes and you’re like: “I wish I was able to share my thoughts in such a way.”

I can help you do that. So this is me directly encouraging you if you feel frustrated.

If you feel that you have all the words, and yet you struggle to actually say things, or maybe you feel overwhelmed with all the ideas, and a million different directions that you could go in and yet you consistently struggle to connect with what’s at the heart of all of that, I can help you.

So go to my website and in the top right hand corner, you’ll see there’s a button that says Project Clarity.

Click on that button.

You can check out the offer, all the details and information, it’s all on the website. And then hit that Apply button and let’s have a conversation. Because if you are someone who does have that in your heart, that feels that passion burning within you and yet you aren’t able to do anything with it, then I actually believe you are destined to change the world.

You are here to share that message. There is a reason you have it, but I also know from experience, the longer we suppress these things, the longer that we reject the idea and message within, when we eventually get to the point where we might then think we’re ready to share it… often it’s disappeared. Often it’s gone.

Ideas, passion and things like that, they don’t stick around waiting for us.

So I wish you the courage to act now.

And I hope for your sake, the sake of the idea, the sake of your sanity and your self-expression, that you do go and take me up on that offer.

And that, my friends, is all I’m going to say on it.