Craft an unignorable offer that makes it easy for the right people to say “YES!”

From “Sounds cute” to “How do I pay you?!

For service-based businesses who want to craft a 3 to 4-figure offer that’s soulfully designed to sell. We’ll package up your brilliance & craft the perfect hook to get the *right* people excited to work with you.

truth talk

Most solo service-driven businesses are incredible at what they do, but absolutely sh*t at selling it

(I know ’cause sometimes, this is me too!)

Because when there’s a million & one ways that *what you do* can make someone else’s life infinitely better

We can mistakenly *think* that sharing these million & one reasons increases the likelihood of someone working with us…

Butttt what we’re typically doing is overwhelming our audience with wayyy too much information and choice


*It’s like a hungry person saying they want pizza & we’re like:

“I’m an Italian chef! I can give you pasta, pizza, authentic home-cooked meals using recipes from my nonna! I’m AUTHENTIC!!! I can give you it ALLLL!!!!” 

But all they wanted was pizza.

Meanwhile, the guy down the road with a dirty a$$ foodtruck is like:

“You want pizza? I got pizza. It’s 15 quid.”

Who do you think is getting the sale?


The *trick* to creating an omg-yes-please-now offer is:

One tangible problem. One tangible solution.

It’s about packaging up what you do in a way that makes it the obvious answer to overcoming a specific problem or achieving a specific desire.

Sounds simple.

But we both know when *you* are the business… not so easy, right?

FYI, I *totally* get it

When so much of your identity is tied up in your business, *getting specific* can feel like you’re cutting off a limb.

*gulp, loving honesty time*

But the truth is, your business & offers are there to serve people.

And while it’s OK for you as a human to be this expansive, undefined, ever-changing magical being (because that’s what you are)…

…doing the same thing in your business is making it so much harder for people to say yes to working with you

because they’re having to work really frickin’ hard to understand whether what you’re offering will actually help them

⬆️ and that my friend, is your job to explain, not their job to work out.


The 1:1 creative collaboration to craft an offer that’s an easy YES for your ideal clients.

You’ll walk away with:


Your Offer Mapped Out

We’ll go through my signature offer-building system & craft the words there and then so you can articulate *exactly* what it is you’re selling, who it’s perfect for & why they should invest in it


A Sales Page Structure

You’ll also receive a template to walk you through writing up a soulful sales page with instructions on exactly how to structure your offer so that it’s easy for people to understand


30-day Promotion Plan

You will also receive a guide with 30 prompts that will support you in translating all of the work we’ve done together into promotional content. This is about working smart & capitalising on the clarity so you don’t have to start from scratch with offer promo.

Becky Stanton

Mindset & Divine Energetics Coach

I had a real lack of clarity around my signature offer – which meant my clients were feeling confused too!

I felt like my offer was a diamond covered in dirt, making it feel murky and unclear. But during my session with Becky, she was effortlessly able to guide me to clarity & reveal the diamond shine beneath.

I left our session feeling 100% clear-minded and excited about the messaging direction and I’m excited to start creating content for my community!

It’s like Becky saw the soul of my business, could tap into my messaging quickly and beautifully and simplify what my heart wanted to say. She is an absolute joy to work with and I 100% recommend her sessions for those wanting to gain clarity and momentum.

How It Works


You book in your 90-min session with me using the Calendar below.

You will then receive your pre-session homework to help you get prepped so we can hit the ground running.


During the session we will map out your offer together.

We’ll cover everything you need so you can leave the session ready to bring your offer to life & start selling.


After the session, you receive a sales page template & 30-day promo plan.

Once you’ve scripted your sales page, you can also send it to me at no additional cost & I will provide honest feedback to make sure you’re not underselling yourself.

Included in your investment


90-min 1:1 Creative Session With Me


Market Research Template & Guide


Access To My Signature Offer Building Process


Offer Workbook (that we fill in together!)


Session Recording & Written Up Notes


Soulful Sales Page Template


30-day Promo Plan & Post Prompts


1 Round of Video Feedback On Your Sales Page


30-Days of Email Support

Current Investment: £420

50/50 payment plan available.
Please message me for a link to book using the payment plan.

Amanda Perry

Business + Marketing Strategist

I have done messaging projects so many times for clients that I kept convincing myself I could do it on my own… – but it’s different when it’s for yourself!

Working with Becky has been incredible. I signed up to get some clarity around copy and messaging, but what I got was so much more.

Becky really understands humans, as well as words and has a unique way of challenging and pushing you to turn something great, into something incredible, and unique to you.

I’ve wanted to work with Becky for a while now and am so pleased I finally got the chance!


If the booking calendar looks weird on your device, you can click here to book.

The Offer Studio is right for you if:

You already have a clear idea of what you do and who you want to serve.

It’s just the “offer building” bit you’re struggling with.

You're prepared to get specific & make decisions you can test.

We’ll be working with the theory of “One Tangible Thing” so if you are completely resistant to getting specific, this isn’t for you!

You're comfortable taking self-led action after our call.

While our session is hyper-collaborative, I’m not here to do the work for you after our session. Be prepared to execute like a boss 😎

The Offer Studio is NOT for you if:

You're a fresh-faced newbie with no idea what you want to offer yet.

I personally believe at the beginning of our business, we find clarity through lots of action & mistake making. Trying to get too *strategic* early on can often lead to wasted work & joy-killing. You’d be better of joining my community The POD at this point!

You aren't prepared to "cut the fluff"

I am lovingly honest and will continue to challenge you to be more specific because hand on heart, I know this is what makes the difference to most business owners’ bank accounts. It doesn’t mean I’ll be asking you to suck all the personality out of your work, nor does it mean I recommend you shouldn’t speak like you… it’s a beautiful balance of speaking like you about something specific!

You're hoping we'll work on your mindset blocks around selling/getting specific

Truth be told, this is an important piece of the work BUT clearing your limiting beliefs is not my zone of genius. This service is action-orientated & strategically focussed.

You're expecting me to give you all the answers

This is a collaboration where I will of course, offer my opinions but the decision about “what” to do lies 100% with you. I will be peppering you with potent questions however to lead you to the answer that feels right for you.

I booked a session with Becky as I was struggling to nail down my brand messaging. We covered loads in 90 minutes and I came away with thousands of ideas – not only gaining the clarity I needed but also loads of ideas around marketing, social media and reaching my target audience.


Speech and Language Therapist & Communication Coach

Becky hones in on the value of how important it is to keep your business message clear and simple. Straight to the point when finding the problems and then evaluating the solutions with her expertise. Wish I could carry Becky around in my purse to lift me up every time I have content problems 😁 Highly recommended!


Interior Designer

My Message Intensive with Becky was exactly what I needed to dive another level deeper and clarify who I am speaking to and uncover the words that speak to the heart of my people. Can’t wait to apply what we talked about!


Law of Attraction Coach

Becky’s support, honesty and encouragement is something I will remember for years to come and will be forever grateful for. Being able to clearly articulate what I do and why you should work with me is incredible and I’m excited to start attracting new clients! 


Life Coach

My session with Becky was AMAZING! I came away feeling so much clearer and excited about sharing my brand and message with my community. Becky was able to really find the gaps that were missing in my existing messaging -definitely book a session with Becky, so worth it!!


Instagram Strategist

The session with Becky was full of fun and laughter, but also super productive. You get told things straight but in the kindest way, it’s a unique skill and it’s been transformational for me and the nuggets of wisdom she gives are diamonds!


Digital Marketing Wizard

Hypothetical Questions You Might Have

I already have an offer that's not selling, will this service help?

If you’re getting eyeballs on your offer and it’s not selling, then yes!

Together we will work through the Messaging around it following the same system as if we were creating a brand new offer.

You should be prepared in this instance that tweaks may need to be made to what you’re delivering to match the offer messaging we create together.

If you have an offer but haven’t really got it in front of anyone yet, then it might not be a messaging problem… it might be a lead generation/visibility issue!

In that case, your time might be better focussed on promotional marketing & market research first, so you can identify whether the messaging is working or not!

Can we talk about multiple offers during our session?

This service is designed to focus on crafting ONE 3 to 4 figure offer together so we can cover everything you need so you’re ready to sell.

But there’s nothing stopping you from going through the exact same process yourself afterwards for your other offers!

How clear do I need to be on my ideal client to get the most out of this?

You should be at least “semi-clear” on who your ideal person is and who you want to serve.

This should include an idea of how the “struggle” you want to help them overcome is manifesting in their life right now, but we will tighten up the details together!

To help you with this, I will also send you some “Market Research” guidance immediately after you book which I highly recommend you complete before our time together so that your offer is as potent as it can be.

What if I need to re-schedule our session after I've booked it?

You can reschedule our session up to 48 hours before we are due to start with no fuss.

If you need to re-arrange within 48 hours, send me a message as soon as you know and we can discuss alternative arrangements.

I have a different question!

Just pop an email to and I will do my best to answer!

The Offer Studio is a 1:1 collaborative experience designed to help you package up your service so it’s easy for the right people to buy from you.

You get a 90-min 1:1 creative collaboration session with me, followed by templates to craft a soulful sales page and a 30-day promotion plan to capitalise on your clarity and work smarter, not harder to sell your offer.

Got a question?

You can send me a message on Instagram or pop me an email at & I’ll do my best to support you in making the right choice about whether this service is what you need.