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The antidote to boring newsletters

10 simple techniques to create emails as binge-worthy as Bridgerton (season one) that sell your stuff with ease

If I got 99p for every email I deleted without even opening we’d* deffo have bought a second car by now.

Alas, all I have is an overflowing email trash can full of messages from people I’ll eventually get around to unsubscribing from.

…and the thing that annoys me *most* about this?

The fact I subscribed to them was me raising my hand showing my interest.

But all I get in return are some dry AF emails that are blatantly just there because the person sending them has been told email is a good way to sell.

If you have no interest in spending time & effort writing emails that are enjoyable for people to read… then please don’t start a bloody newsletter, k?

(and deffo don’t call them “love letters” or some other word if all you’re gonna do is sporadically try and sell to me. what’s loving about that?)

*by we, I mean me & my hubby who are currently “sharing” a Mini Cooper between us. And by “sharing” I mean he takes it to work every day leaving me stranded in our beautiful yet remote barn conversion–grateful, but with a mild case of cabin fever.

But if you *do* get butterflies at the thought of being able to communicate with a bunch of people who see your name in their inbox and get excited – then I gotchu’ boo.

I believe that the best way to build an audience of individuals who are excited to buy your stuff, is to build a genuine relationship with them.

And the best way to build genuine relationships?

By sharing stories.

(FYI, this is also how you stand out… because no one else can tell the same stories you can my friend.)


Storytelling for business

An easy-to-implement mini-course delivered straight to your inbox supporting you to tell better stories & write the kind of emails people want to receive.

get it now for £27

With the Storytelling for Business mini-course, you’ll learn how to:

💡 Take generic ideas and pack ’em full of personality so people actually want to read the emails you send *even if* you’re selling something to them
📖 Revamp content you’ve already created by applying super simple techniques that allow you to pack in personality to whatever you’re writing
💕 Create genuine relationships with your audience and build up that important piggy bank of know, like, trust that you can cash in whenever you want
⏰ Get waaayyy more efficient with your time by spending less time head-scratching, wondering how to make your content interesting & more time actually doing the work
🧠 Learn how to spot story techniques in the wild so you can easily understand how to re-create the types of content that you love personally *love* to consume

how it all goes down in story town

you purchase the Storytelling for Business Mini-course and get the first lesson delivered to your inbox immediately

every Monday thereafter (for 10 weeks) you get the next technique allowing you to improve your storytelling, one email at a time

each email contains examples and guidance on how to take action and utilise the technique you receive, so you can apply what you learn immediately

Storytelling for Business is a mini-course delivered directly to your inbox over 10 weeks to help you send newsletters that people actually want to read.

That’s 10 techniques total explained in a super simple & concise manner with relevant examples, guidance on how to use each technique and a super clear action step to get you implementing what you learn each week. 

Basically, I’m here to make it really hard for you NOT to start sending awesome emails 😎

only £27

Add some ‘oomph’ to your emails.
Create content that people want to read.
And sell your stuff while you’re at it.