Clarify Your Message
So*Your People* Can Find You,
Pay You & Rave About You
To Their Friends

from unclear to unforgettable 😎

(yes – even if you’ve tried & failed to clarify your message before!)

Does your Message sound as soulless, flat & uninspiring as a cucumber sandwich, crusts removed?*

Or maybe you’re like: Dude, I’m not even sure wtf my “message” is… never mind comparing it to a sandwich?!

And of course, not forgetting option C where your message has actually been *working* but you’ve changed and it’s now starting to feel more like a pair of golden handcuffs as opposed to your golden ticket to freedom

The trouble is, when you’re the heart, soul and face of your business, you’re waayyy too close to it to see what’s red-hot audience-engaging tummy-tingling FIRE & what’s simply… well, fluff.

*no offence to cucumber or the soft middle bit of bread

An unclear message can play out like:

…spending hours creating content that gets nothing but crickets

because let’s be real, your brain is full of other people’s ideas which results in content which looks and sounds like, yup… other people. (except they can afford to pay a team & can create 10x the amount you can)

…frequent bouts of creative constipation

where no matter how hard you try, those ideas just won’t come out and yet you feel like you have ALL THE THINGS to say and share

…obsessive re-writing of your website

and hey, maybe not writing your website at all? OR outsourcing your website copy to someone else and then being disappointed when they weren’t able to nail it either (which I mean, is no surprise really when you couldn’t really explain what you wanted in the first place)

…attracting less than perfect clients

which keeps you stuck on a hamster wheel of working with people you don’t want to and having zero time to focus on changing things up to bring in the kinda people who make your toes curl in excitement

and my very favourite:

…the perpetual low-level fear that someone will ask “what do you do?”

because even though deep down you know, your lack of clarity is distressingly clear & results either in either word-vomit or total mind blank 

Having a clear message is like being able to plant a flag in the ground that tells the *exact* right people to come on over & join the party without you breaking a sweat


[enter stage right]


The only online program giving you a step-by-step process to create and deliver a clear + compelling message AND giving you 1:1 support so you know you’re doing it right.

Over 8-weeks, you will follow my signature step-by-step messaging system, get my eyes on your work to craft your Brand Message & take the guesswork out of HOW to turn that into binge-worthy content & copy that turns strangers to superfans 


Jewellery Maker / Sarah Elizabeth Jewellery

Having a clear vision of my brand and implementing the messaging through social media and on my website has resulted in my most successful year to date

I started working with Becky when I was mid-pivot in my business, moving from bespoke work to made to order collections.

I was struggling to communicate this with my audience, so I needed help to figure out exactly who my customer was and how to talk/sell to them.

Since working on my brand messaging, I been so much more confident now have a very clear idea on how to sell in my own way that doesn’t feel at all like selling.

Engagement was also a big win for me. Knowing exactly how to word captions for social media posts or on stories has been a game-changer. Just being clear, and knowing how to communicate with my audience has resulted in a big jump in engagement.

Working with Becky has been the most exciting and valuable thing I have invested in for my business. Her creative approach to messaging has given me so much clarity on what I want to communicate and offer as a brand.

⬇️ Prefer to watch? ⬇️

Don’t be mistaken though…

This isn’t just about brainstorming some words that sound good on paper.

This is about creating absolute clarity in who you are, who you serve and how to communicate it in a way that stands out from every other bright-eyed business owner out there.

By the end of Project:Clarity you will be able to:

Confidently articulate exactly what it is you do and why you’re distinct from everyone else on the internet

Create intentional story-led content that plays to your strengths, sells your stuff in a ‘non-salesy way’ and facilitates a genuine connection with your audience

Organise all of your messaging magic into a Brand Message Playbook so that you have inspiration on tap and never feel intimidated by a blank page ever again


Sales Coach | Ms Mindset Boss

Being able to walk away from this experience with my Playbook is absolute gold.

It’s an anchor in my business that I can always refer back to and share with members of my team to make sure we’re always on the same page.

Before working with Becky, I was unclear on what my Brand was and the story/messaging behind it. I can find it difficult to articulate myself as I am a visual person, however working with Becky, she was able to help extract what was in my mind into words on a page.

If you feel as though you’re struggling to find yourself within your business and unclear on your Brand Message, then working with Becky will propel you forward with utter confidence and zero hesitation.

“But Becky, I’ve already spent hooouuurs working on my message and can’t seem to get it out of my own head—
how is this going to be any different?!” 😩

my friend, I feel you!

If you’re anything like me or my past clients, you’ve probably also:


    learned more than you probably need about marketing strategy thinking it would solve all your content & selling probs (only logical, right?)


    written 472 different versions of your “I help” statement & changed your IG bio more times than you’d
    willingly admit…


    invested in the fill-in-the-blanks templates, but not known what to put in the blanks… 🫠


    hired a social media manager hoping they’ll be able to figure it out for you…


    studied copywriting that converts but realised “twisting the knife” in someone’s pain points fundamentally goes against your values…

    …and after all that, the simple question of:
    “What do you do” still makes you want to stick pins in your eyes and just pretend you’re a lawyer or somethin’ 😅

    well, after working with
    80+ clients across 26 different industries
    here’s what i *KNOW* to be true

    99.9% of the time, you’re just too damn close to see the truth of what makes you frickin’ fantastic

    (It’s like being trapped inside a bottle and trying to read the label at the same time–impossible and frustrating as hell!)

    And until you find that special someone* who can hold up a mirror for you and give you lovingly honest feedback, you’ll always be selling yourself short.

    *and no, your partner/mum/biz bff doesn’t count—emotional objectivity is required!

    so, what are your options…

    Continue to churn out social media posts in the hope something sticks
    (and have no idea why something works or how to recreate it when it does actually pay off 🫣)

    Hire someone to create your copy and content and hope they will magically find the right words to explain what you do
    (even though you can’t explain it to them in the first place 😬)

    Bury your head into learning more “strategy” and hope that if enough people see your stuff… maybe someone will get it?!
    (even though you’re not entirely sure “who” that person is 🥲)

    or you can…

    work with a specialist* to finally unearth what makes you magnificent & give yourself the permission to SHARE it in a way that feels good for you so that your message & your content becomes a giant disco ball your ideal clients + customers are joyfully drawn to 🪩

    *dat’s me, btw 👋


    so then…




    Access To The Full Project:Clarity Curriculum

    (scroll down for full breakdown)


    1 x 90-minute Deep Dive Clarity Call

    We will kickstart your journey to clarity with an intensive 90-minute session so that you can hit the ground running with your creative homework


    3 x 45-Minute 1:1 Feedback Sessions

    Every fortnight after you have completed another Module, we will meet online to go over your work so I can make sure you’re not selling yourself short or getting caught up in the details that don’t matter


    Personalised Notes & Copy-Editing Support

    I am lovingly honest and not afraid of helping you sharpen up your writing as your start to flex your creative muscles so while yes, you will take the creative lead… we absolutely will be collaborating on your message + content!


    Digital & Printable Workbooks

    With each module, you will receive a comprehensive workbooks packed full of questions, examples and templates to get those creative juices flowing.


    Customisable Brand Playbook Template

    You also get access to my Brand Playbook template to bring everything we do together into one priceless document


    In-Between Session Support

    You can contact me via email at any time throughout your Project:Clarity experience so I can support you on your journey to throwing off the shackles that have kept you from showing up and sharing

    BONUS: Headlines + Hooks Copy Starters

    BONUS: Offer Messaging Framework

    BONUS: Website Messaging Framework

    INVESTMENT: £1,450*

    Payment Plans Available

    [1 x £1,450] / [2 x £725]  or [£450 deposit + 2 x £500]

     A note on availability…

    I only accept 2 new students every month to Project:Clarity
    Advanced planning + booking recommended!


    Mindset Coach

    Becky is f*cking amazing! Before working with her I was seriously blocked in what I was doing, how to explain it or what any of it even meant.

    She went above and beyond and it always felt like she had (and I am sure will no doubt continue to have!) my back which is so lovely.

    I will remember her support, honesty and encouragement for years to come and will be forever grateful for her support.

    I’m now excited to start attracting new clients with my amazing brand deck & being able to clearly articulate what I do and why you should work with me.

    Wondering if I’m the gal for you?

    Here’s a sampling of the 80+ clients I’ve helped with their messaging:

    • Interior Designer
    • Locations Photographer
    • Personal Trainer
    • Nutritional Therapist
    • Baby Sleep Expert
    • Wealth Advisor
    • Online Business Manager
    • Social Media Agency Founder
    • Sustainable Product Maker
    • Business Consultant
    • Website Designer
    • Gardening Coach
    • Tech Startup Founder
    • Flower Seller
    • Beauty + Fashion Coach
    • Yoga Teacher
    • Art Therapist
    • Women’s Membership Community
    • Jewellery Maker
    • Wedding Photographer
    • Fashion Brand Founder
    • Copywriter
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Sales Coach
    • Graphic Designer
    • Health Coach
    • Mindset Coach
    • Chef
    • UX Designer
    • Gift Box & Subscription-Based Business
    • Course Creators
    • Career Coach
    • Food Product Founders

    The reason my approach and messaging system works for all of these different businesses?

    Because each and every one is represented by an individual who is the heart, soul & face of their brand.

    And when it comes down to it, the fundamentals of human-to-human communication are the same, whether you’re selling soul therapy or hand-sewn socks.

    Working with Becky has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my small business.

    I would never have imagined feeling this clear and confident about my brand and messaging!

    Becky made me feel excited to tackle the questions I had felt stressed about for the longest time.


    Eco-Conscious Maker

    The big thing I love about Becky’s style is that she isn’t afraid to call you out on your BS/give you a straight-talking opinion if she feels it will push you in the right direction.

    She has such an amazing way with words and with helping you expand on your path of thinking, that I honestly don’t think I would’ve been able to extract my thoughts in as much depth as I did if I hadn’t worked with her.


    Brand + Web Designer, DMarz Designs

    Becky really helped me to explore exactly what my brand was all about.

    I felt like she reached into those crevices in my head to pull out the information that I didn’t even know was there!

    I now have the playbook that I can draw from and already feel much more confident talking about my brand and what I’m trying to achieve.

    Tech Start Up Founder, The Bunanti

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee with the
    BLP Test-Drive Promise

    I won’t lie, in the past I’ve totally invested in something in a panic, only to get started and realise it’s not for me – that feeling is the worst, right?

    That’s why if you sign up to Project:Clarity, have a poke around the early welcome modules and realise it’s not for you—you have a FULL 7 DAYS to request a refund, no questions asked.

    Beyond that point, the beauty of Project:Clarity is that I’m right there with you the whole way through, so if you do get stuck (or you’re really not getting what you wanted out of the programme) I am there to work through that with you too.

    I of course can’t do the program for you and my role is very much here as a ‘guide’ not as the ‘doer’— so do expect to be lovingly challenged to show up… and to keep showing up!

    You can read the full terms and conditions for Project:Clarity here.


    Artist ~ Holistic Yoga Teacher ~ Sound Healing ~ Creative Play Facilitator

    Working through the homework I was able to express what I do with clarity, whilst allowing my personality to shine through.

    All the guidance was so clear and made it so much easier to write than I had anticipated. It was also given in a way that made me excited about doing it, and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed having to write about myself before!

    I’m not only much clearer about my message now, but I feel really excited to share it.

    The work I’ve done with Becky is already having an impact on my business – and more importantly, is positively impacting the women reaching out to work with me.

    I’ve had some really beautiful responses about how it’s touched people, and encouraged them to do something they’d been putting off… it makes my heart sing!

    The Project:Clarity Curriculum

    Module 01

    Setting Up For Success

    Before you embark working “on” your Business, it’s super important to spend time connecting with your journey so far and your intentions going forwards.

    This will help you avoid falling into the dreaded ‘trend trap’ where you end up making decisions based on what’s popular right now, rather than what is authentic to you and will serve you in the long term.


    🎥 1.0 Welcome To Project Clarity

    📄 1.1 Get Organised

    🔗 Brand Reflections Printable Workbook

    👩🏽‍💻 1.2 WTF is your Brand Message?

    ✏️ Brand Reflections

    📣 Pep Talk: Busting Creative Block

    📣 Pep Talk: Overcoming Perfectionism

    Module 02

    Brand Beliefs

    Our goal in this module is to establish what is it you do, why you do it and the values that inform the way you do it.

    It’s my spin on the more traditional approach of creating “Purpose, Vision and Mission” statements… except ya know, in a way that they’re *actually* helpful to you and don’t end up in folder somewhere gathering pixel dust


    🎥 2.0 Introduction to… Brand Beliefs

    🔗 Brand Beliefs Printable Workbook

    👩🏻‍💻 2.1 Getting clear on what you do, why you do it + what’s important

    ✏️ Intention Statement + Brand Values

    👩🏻‍💻 2.2 Who You Serve

    ✏️ Audience Persona


    Module 03

    Brand World

    In this module I’m handing over my signature brand world-building process, so you can get a lay of the land and create that all-important context for your messaging so that it will resonate deeply with the people you want to help.

    Your work will come together in the form your Brand World Matrix, which contains your Audience’s Narrative and Brand Context.


    🎥 3.0 Introduction to… Brand World

    🔗 Brand World Printable Workbook

    👩🏼‍💻 3.1 The Stories We Tell Ourselves

    ✏️ Audience Narrative

    👩‍💻 3.2 The Distraction, The Plan + The Happy Ever After

    ✏️ Brand Context

    Module 04

    Brand Narrative

    Where Project:Clarity has so far focussed on all of the building blocks of your Message, in Module 04 we take those blocks and start to add your unique flavour to it.

    During this chapter, we will answer the ultimate question of “why you?” and look at the specific hooks for your offers.


    🎥 4.0 Introduction to… Brand Narrative

    🔗 Brand Narrative Printable Workbook

    👩🏿‍💻 4.1 Distilling The Magic

    ✏️ Core Message + Offer Messages

    👩🏽‍💻 4.2 Becoming Known For Something

    ✏️ Onlyness Statement


    Module 05

    Brand Expression

    This Module is all about understanding how we take your glorious juicy work and really start bringing it to life through your content, copy and online presence in general.

    The work you do in this module is slightly different from the previous as it’s less about “what you’re saying” and more about “how” so that you become the obvious choice to your ideal clients and customers.



    🎥 5.0 Introduction to… Brand Expression

    🔗 Brand Expression Printable Workbook

    👩🏼‍💻 5.1 Bringing Your Message To Life

    ✏️ Brand Presence & Visual Symbols

    👩🏾‍💻 5.2 Putting Personality on the Page

    ✏️ Communication Style + Brand Language

    Module 06

    Sharing Your Message

    The final module is here to help you start to implement everything you’ve created throughout Project:Clarity and start taking real concrete action in putting your message out into the world.


    🎥 6.0 Sharing Your Message

    👩🏻‍💻 6.1 Implementation Strategy

    👩‍💻 6.2 Messaging Metrics

    📄 6.3 Content Creation: A Crash Course

    all of your work comes together inside your:

    Brand Message Playbook

    This is your go-to guide for the months and years to come to keep you feeling inspired, stay consistent and rooted in the core of what you’re here to do.




    a.k.a the meaningful reason your Brand exists



    a.k.a the values that guide the way



    a.k.a the specific qualities of those you’re here to help



    a.k.a how your client(s) + customer(s) see the world



    a.k.a your positioning in the marketplace



    a.k.a the core of what you communicate



    a.k.a the reason someone should invest in your offer(s)



    a.k.a why someone should work with you specifically



    a.k.a how you communicate your message non-verbally



    a.k.a the nuance of “how” you communicate



    a.k.a the language and tone that influences how you’re heard

    “OK, I’m interested! what do i do now?”

    You send me a message

    Hit the button below to fill out a quick form and let me know you’re interested in joining 🥳


    We have a chat

    We have a 15-minute video call where you can ask any questions & I can make sure Project:Clarity is right for you

    If you want to proceed

    You pay a deposit and get instant access to the opening Modules of Project:Clarity ahead of our first call together 🤩

    FYI, when you send me a message there is ZERO pressure for you to join. This process is simply an opportunity for us to explore whether the programme would be the right fit for you 🥰


    Online Business Manager

    LinkedIn Profile

    Becky has supported me to really own who I am, what I do, who I do it for and why – I’ve never had this much clarity and confidence when it comes to ‘my story’ before!

    She’s helped me dig deeper, get rid of the fluff and make things clear, simple & concise.

    So much so… I know I sound bloody good!

    Where before I would rely on my actions speaking louder than my words (because explaining in words was not my forte at all) now I have my playbook there’s nothing stopping me.

    wait, have we met yet?!

    I’m Becky—and if you haven’t made it over to my about page yet, lemme give you the quick(ish) intro.

    I’m a Brand Message Mentor, Recovering Perfectionist (lolz) & Creator of Project:Clarity 📖

    The reason I focus on messaging (and the reason I created Project:Clarity) is because after quitting my 8-year corporate career in the film industry, I spent the first year and a half of my business thinking I needed to sound like someone else to make a living doing what I love.

    Spoiler alert: not only did that NOT work for me but it also felt icky as hell pretending to be something I wasn’t.

    So in 2020, with nothing to left to lose* I thought: f*ck it,
    dropped all of the self-imposed “filters” and let my freak flag fly loud and proud… and I’ve never looked back 😎

    (*I mean this quite literally btw, I was 2 weeks away from having to throw in the towel and get a “real job” again!)

    I discovered that being yourself and saying things like you see them is not only waaaayyyy more fun – but it’s actually way more impactful in terms of building a sustainable business too!

    Because people wanna work with people, ya know?
    Not soulless corporate robots.

    Now I’m on a mission to help others like me who have built their business out of a passion to help others drop their own filters and get their message heard so we can all take over the world* and make it a better place.

    *hahahaha, I’m joking but not really 😈

    Nutritional Therapist

    Website: Maverick Motherhood

    I’m so much more confident in what I’m offering and why, which has directly led to an increase in my sales

    Before working on my message I couldn’t nail down exactly what Maverick Motherhood was, what I did and the transformation I offered.

    Everything felt really surface level and cliche and did not get down to the root of what it was I actually wanted to say.

    But Becky took all my ideas, words and instead of dampening down the boldness, ramped it right up so now I have a brand that reflects both me and my clients.

    The branding work I’d done in the past now looks superficial… nice words but no substance whereas I now have more clarity, connection and clients.

    who this service is specifically for

    You are the ‘face’ of your brand and your business personality is an extension of who you are

    You already know what it is that you want to sell and have made sales in your business

    You have at least a semi-clear idea of who you want to serve

    You relish the fact that it’s going to be YOU creating your message
    (dat’s ownership baby 😎)

    You are able to set aside time between our fortnightly sessions to complete your homework

    The thought of ‘Messy Action’ makes your tummy tingle in a good way 🤪

    who this service is NOT for

    You haven’t got a clear idea of what it is you want to sell and your offers are all over the place

    You have an immovable mindset block that’s stopping you from showing up and posting content (in which case, I would recommend addressing that before spending time and money creating content that you’ll never post)

    You are time-poor and will struggle to commit to doing the work right now

    You’re secretly hoping I will do the work for you
    (I’ve bolded this because I’m serious. I am NOT a copywriter)

    You aren’t open to feedback or getting specific with your message + audience (because spoiler alert, we deffo will talk about the power of niching 😉)

    You’re in a position financially whereby if you don’t get a client like *yesterday* you’re going to be in a state of panic***

    ***I know I’m not meant to make assumptions about your money here, but hand on heart: a state of panic is not conducive to doing this work as it requires you to sloooooow down and do some internal work *before* we can then get out there and start sharing powerfully. By no means do I want you to think that working on your message with me is some overnight quick-fix, we’re very much focused on the long game and building a sustainable online presence that will serve you for the months and years to come. This is absolutely not an offer to panic purchase.

    There is so much I can help my clients with but working with Becky helped me realise what I really want to focus on.

    The content inside Project:Clarity was easy to work through but the best part was our 1:1 sessions where we went over the work together.

    Just having that different perspective and Becky’s ability to use what I say and turn it into magic was a great experience.

    I wanted to buy my own products when she turned my words into a story!

    Selina Newman

    Career Coach

    I loved the hybrid style of working together… my favourite part is the whole experience!

    Everything is structured in a simple yet effective way to make working on your message easy & Becky is so calm & organised.

    The process itself – it’s like magic! Co-creating beautiful and aligned messages that amplify who you are on all levels.

    Becky helps you see yourself on a deep level, it’s like she knows you better than yourself.

    Bilyana Georgieva

    Life, Business and Money Coach

    This woman has a gift!!!! If you don’t read any more, that’s the idea I want you to have about Becky.

    She is amazing to work with, easy going, makes you feel amazing about your work, organised AND she has the GIFT of CLARITY!

    Out of a cloud of thoughts and ideas all mixed together, she will pick out the best ones and simplify them to the point where you go “aaaahhhh…!”

    I am so happy I got to work with her before she gets thousands of clients and her next available appointment is 11 months from now permanently.

    So now you know, get yourself booked in 😉

    Maria Jose Calva Valdez

    Product Founder, Pot of Flavour

    If you’re reading this, one of two things has happened.

    1. You did that thing where you automatically scrolled to the bottom of the page looking for a summary and the price.

    The quick pitch is that over 8-weeks we’ll nail your brand message + figure out how you can express it powerfully through a combo of online training + 1:1 feedback sessions so it’s super easy for you to create content that resonates with your people. It’s £1,450 (payment plans available) and is limited to a max. of 4 students a month.

    2. You’ve read the whole page and you’re still on the fence:

    My honest advice? If you feel the nudge in your gut that this might be exactly what you need, then just reach out and start a conversation either by filling in the application form using the button below.

    Only you can take the leap, bb.