Permission To Quit.

by | May 31, 2023 | Personal Writing

I’m over a week into my launch of The POD & I won’t lie… yesterday, I hit a bit of a wall.

(a combo of having a break over the long weekend which was pretty active, and slipping into the Autumn season of my cycle)

And the idea of continuing to promote The POD for another couple of days felt heavy as fck.

So as I lay in bed last night, I began to compose an email in my head that I would send today.

That email was going to be something along the lines of:

I’m done with promo of The POD. I’m tired. You have until Friday to join still, but I’m not gonna talk about it anymore. You got the info. If you got questions, just ask.

When I woke up this morning, sending an email along those lines was still my intent.

But then a funny thing happened…

Just knowing that I had given myself permission to stop, seemed to remove the “need” I felt to stop.

Does that make sense?

Yesterday, when I thought I had to keep going… I didn’t want to.

My body rebelled and practically went into shutdown mode, which actually made it feel impossible for me to carry on.

(Not an exaggeration: I was floored with headaches and nausea most of last night)

This morning, knowing I could stop and that it would be ok…

Knowing that I would forgive myself & love myself regardless of the “output” I generated, I actually feel pretty good about continuing to show up for the rest of the week!

My body feels light, I feel both a grounding sense of peace and a steady flame of excitement co-existing with me.

And holy f*ck – THIS is growth for me.

I am in *awe* of how far I’ve come in terms of my relationship with work & self-worth.

And I LOVE that I get to model this for you.

Because I bloody wish that I had someone to model this for me 5 years ago… heck, even just 2 years ago!!!

So if you are someone who has an ahem… “interesting”…. relationship between your work & your self-worth, here’s an invitation for you:

Give yourself permission to stop.
Give yourself permission to QUIT.

And it can’t just be pretend permission btw, you have to be willing to actually throw in the towel.

Give yourself permission to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY regardless of whether you quit, carry on, pause or pivot.

Because my experience has been that often, the thing that makes our work feel unbearable is when we feel as though we don’t have a choice.

When the idea of stopping feels like a threat to our very sense of being.

(…because quitters are losers right? That’s what we’ve always been told. So if I quit… what does that mean about me?)

Mentally understanding this theory of ‘permission to quit’ is very different to “knowing” the truth & freedom that comes from experiencing it.

And with that, a second invitation for you:

Yep, you guessed it… it’s to join The POD.


Because it’s a space where I will be continuing to share these reflections long after this launch has finished & create invitations that encourage you to play with & explore your relationship to how you do business.

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