Should You Invest in an offer?

“I think I want to do this, but…”

Investing in yourself can be scary, overwhelming and feel entirely uncomfortable… even if we know we both want and need what’s on offer!

To help you decide whether The Brand Chrysalis (or any other offer really!) is right for you, I invite you to take a read through the article below, whip out a pen and paper and make the most of the reflective questions.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE! When we’re even considering something that carries risk, our Ego and our Fear can get real noisy.

For me, I usually notice my Fear has taken the wheel in my body first. It manifests as tension in my jaw and shoulders and a knot in my stomach and I wonder why I feel so on edge.

It’s usually after this that I notice I’ve become “obsessive” in my thinking, going round and round in circles with the same fearful thoughts and negative self-talk.

If you find this happening as you consider the questions below, I invite you to stop. To breathe.

And then instead of trying to shove those thoughts aside, allow them to come and notice if you are feeling any sensations in your body.

Be careful not to identify with them, but instead if you can… approach them with a loving curiosity about how they’re trying to keep you safe.

After all, our fear and our ego are simply trying to protect us and all they want to do is be heard and be acknowledged.

The more we try to avoid or shove our fear down, the louder it will shout and the longer it will persist.


“Eek! I’m just starting to realise I might need this… but I feel like I need more time to decide and I know doors close today 😬”

If you feel like you need more time to decide, it’s important to get clear on what you’re hoping ‘more time’ will give you. So simply ask yourself:

  • What am I hoping I will learn if I had more time to decide?
  • What would more time change/do for me?

For example, you may realise that what you actually need is more information.

If you’ve read the website page for an offer but still have questions, make a note of what these questions are and then reach out to the person behind the offer and ask them.

Remember, just because you start a conversation with someone, it does not mean you have to say yes.

What also may happen, is you realise what you’re searching for is more evidence of whether the offer is worth it. If this is the case, see below!

“It sounds great! But, is this offer worth it? Will I get the results I want from it?”

Here’s a potentially hard pill to swallow: you will always get the exact results that are meant for you – even if you “fail”. 

And yes, it may not turn out to be the result you wanted, but it’s my own belief that if you are investing in yourself it’s always worth it, because your growth as a human being is always worthy of it.

A personal example of this… last year I invested £12K and essentially learnt all of the different ways I didn’t want to do business and spent many many months essentially learning how to fail. 😳

Did I want this? Hell no! 

Is this what I thought I was investing in? Definitely not!

I thought I was going to be finishing the year with a six-figure business… not one that made less money than the previous year.

But even though it’s hard for me to accept, it was the exact lesson I needed, even if it was an eye-wateringly expensive one 😅 as I’ve created clarity around how I do want to run my business and it now feels f*cking great!

So, some reflection questions:

  • What is the result I’m hoping to get from this offer?
  • How willing am I to take personal responsibility for achieving those results?
  • Even if I “fail”… do I still believe I can gain something valuable from this experience?

Remember, I’m not here to tell you how to answer any of these questions, I’m simply here to provide the questions to help you discover your own answers.

“I really really really want to join, but the money… can I justify it?”

Money can be one of our biggest “spiritual” teachers.

After all, there’s nothing else quite like it (except maybe sex 🍆) that can bring all of our fears and limiting beliefs about our own sense of worthiness to the forefront.

If what’s coming up for you is around whether you can afford/justify the investment, the first thing to do is to check whether it’s really about the money… because a lot of the time – it’s not.

Money just happens to be one of the most socially acceptable reasons not to do things.

It’s also a really easy way for your Fear and Ego to shut down the excited curious part of yourself that knows this will be good for you!

(Think of it like a parent angrily guilt-tripping a child telling them all the reasons they can’t have something because they themselves are triggered and under stress.)

So, some reflection questions to help you move from that fear state to an empowered one:

  • If you had the money now or absolutely knew the money was coming in… would you invest in this offer NOW?
  • If this offer was less expensive than it currently is… would you invest without hesitation?

I’d invite you to be really honest when answering those questions, and to also be ok with whatever thoughts come up, because you might find that:

a) it turns out your desire to invest in the offer or to “solve the problem” simply isn’t a priority for you yet – which is totally fine! Now go figure out what is a priority for you and take action towards it!

b) It turns out your desire to do the thing is really really high and yes, it is 100% just about the money.

If this is the case, I invite you to of course investigate whether there are any payment plans available or if the person behind the offer is open to any extended payment plans… even if not advertised, there is no harm in expressing your high desire to be part of the offer and asking the person! Don’t let your fear of judgement stop you from seeking information 😘

Beyond that, I invite you to completely trust in your instincts about what to do.

“It sounds like exactly what I need but do I have time to do this? I don’t want to invest and then not be able to get the most out of it.”

Ahhh the old “I’m too busy” line… another one that can very easily pop out of our mouths without us questioning it!

Again, it’s an easy and valid excuse because honestly, most of us are incredibly busy! You might of course know right now that yes, you are too busy and you are already actively committing your time and energy to other pursuits and if you know in your gut this is true… listen to it.

However… if you suspect there might be something else going on, a couple of reflective questions for you:

  • If I knew without doubt that I could make the time for this NOW, and fit this into my life… would I do it?
  • I had an extra [X hours] available in my week, is this what I would want to spend it doing? Is solving this problem the highest priority for me right now?

Again, honesty with yourself is KEY here because you might find:

a) Yes. This is exactly what you want to be working on, but your fear / ego is terrified of the change or disruption this might create in your life because, spoiler alert: change is always scary!

b) Yes. This is exactly what you want to do, but you know committing this time will affect someone else or require someone else to make changes too and you’re worried about them.

⬆️ I’m not going to go deep into this, but there’s an invitation here to lovingly question how often you’re putting your needs second… I’m not saying you can suddenly kick your kids out onto the street or anything! I’m just inviting awareness in so you can make an informed decision, not a fearful one.

c) Actually no… this isn’t a priority for you right now. And if that’s the case, again I’d invite you to go figure out what is and then consciously choose to make time and be present for whatever is!

Ultimately, it comes down to this.

You know what’s best for yourself. Period.

Your job is simply to make sure that when you’re making decisions, you understand which part of you is making the decision.

  • Is it your fear and ego keeping you safe. And are those fears justified and real?
  • Or is it your Deep Inner Knowing that is guiding you?

And honestly, there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision. There are always lessons available in everything if we are willing to take them on board.

All of the questions above are simply common ways that our fear can try to protect us by creating uncertainty, and I’m hoping this article has helped you find enough clarity to go on and make a decision, either way.

Because honestly, it’s sitting in limbo and the “not choosing” that’s the painful part.

TIME SENSITIVE NOTE: If you’re reading this and trying to decide whether to join the next enrolment of The Brand Chrysalis then today, Friday 25th January is the last day to apply. If you’re still unsure, you can select the “I’m still on the fence – can we chat?” option from the drop-down on the application form and we can hop on a quick no-pressure call 😘