The In-Person Day

either a half or full day of magic bringing clarity to your message and/or vision so you can get unstuck & start taking intentional messy action

If you’re feeling overwhelmed & unclear about the next “right” action to take, this session will be perfect for you

we’ll come together to untangle the thoughts in your brain, translate them to paper so you walk away with a tangible list of action steps about what to do next to bring your vision to life

Apply for an in-person day

i know what you’re thinking…

This is pretty sparse for a “sales page”–right?

Reason #1 for this: This service is mainly in response to my previous clients wanting more flexible ways to work with me, and me providing a place where they can kick of this process.

Reason #2: I’m relaunching my website currently and don’t want the fact that I haven’t fleshed out the copy for this offer to hold me back… so guess what, I’m frickin’ hitting publish right now knowing I’ll come back later and add to this page.

⬆️ And I’m hoping that you can use this as evidence for yourself that it’s ok to be a work-in-progress

Because while I don’t expect a complete stranger to discover me for the first time and immediately be sold on this given that I haven’t shared all that much detail…

I *do* know there are people in my audience right now who have been following me for a while and looking for a way of working with me that suits what they need.

Other ways to work with me

The Intensive

60-min 1:1 Zoom Call


private community

Why You Workshop

self-led mini-course