I used to HATE launching. Now? It’s complicated.

The first time I ever ‘did a launch’ back in 2021, I won’t lie… I was a bit disappointed in how it went.

Although I enjoyed hosting the free challenge I did and loved the women who did buy my thing… I didn’t hit the launch targets I set myself.

The second time I launched… it went even worse.

Because I’d followed all the steps my then-coach had given me about “how to create a successful launch”

…which based on all the screenshots she shared on her IG Stories was working for ALL her other clients 😐 ….

I assumed the problem was with me.

But as a straight-A student & serial high-achiever, I refused to give in.

I came up with a new offer and did yet another launch, trying to integrate some of the things I’d learned previously…

How did that go, you ask?

Equally as underwhelming.

And while I learned to “regulate my nervous system” throughout the process…

While I developed routines & rituals to stay “high vibe”…

While I even splashed out & paid other people to assist with content creation & Instagram engagement…

The process of launching still felt like I was cramming my gloriously unpredictable & dynamic self into a straight jacket.

Ever since then, I’ve largely shunned the idea of launching as “not for me” and have instead slipped my new offers out into the world quietly, letting momentum build organically and “trusting” the right people will see it at the time that’s right for them.

But when the idea for The POD popped into my head, something felt different.

I didn’t want to do it quietly.

I wanted to scream my excitement about it.

I wanted to dance and sing and make NOISE.

I wanted to set off fireworks and cast out dazzling, bright beacons into the sky that would draw the gaze of “my people”

That would let them know that I am here. The POD is here. And it’s for you. And it’s NOW.

I wanted the energy with which I announced its arrival to reflect the energy I felt within AND the energy which I hope to embed within our community culture.

An energy of self-acceptance.

Of refusing to label ourselves as the problem.

Of fierce defiance against all the usual ‘rules of business’ that leave so many of us feeling depleted, like we’re not good enough and that others know something that we don’t.

And the fact that 20 women have answered my call so far (30th May 2023) & joined The POD so far takes my breath away. It’s a testament to the fact that YES – we can define our own way of doing business.

It takes courage.

It takes a willingness to try.

It takes an unrelenting commitment to retaining our power, instead of looking for others that will “solve our problems” for us.

Just as intended, this launch of the POD really does signal a ‘Point of Divergence’ for me… and it feels f*cking glorious.

At the time of writing this, The POD is still open for enrolment until Friday.

We have confirmed our first welcome session for this Thursday 1st June @ 2pm BST, but there will be an additional welcome session taking place next week too (mainly for all those who are being affected by half term!)

So if you’re ready to take a new path.

To define your own way of running a business, surrounded by others who are carving their own, then click here to check out The POD & join us