How to Build a Personal Brand in 2023

How to Build a Personal Brand in a World That Values Perfection

In today’s world, personal branding has become increasingly important. However, in a society that now values vulnerability and humanness, how can you create a personal brand that is authentic and unique to you?

In this video, I’m sharing my expert tips and advice on how to build a personal brand that showcases the most impactful and relevant parts of your personality to your audience, without feeling like you need to share every single detail of your life.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to revamp your existing personal brand, this video is for you.

Personal branding is super important in today’s world, and while it’s not a new thing, it has changed a lot over time.

Back in the day, personal branding was all about showing off a curated version of yourself… remember how Instagram feeds used to look?!

It was about only sharing the perfect bits that served a specific purpose and created a very controlled perception of who you were. But nowadays, people want to see the real, imperfect, but still thriving you.

In 2023, being vulnerable and human is way more aspirational and inspirational.

That being said, creating a personal brand can be hard, especially when our inner child just wants us to fit in with the cool kids, and keep all our messy. But if you’re the face of your business and are selling what is basically your skills, experiences or expertise it’s *essential* to embrace what makes us unique.

a.k.a the things that make us stick out like Elle Woods dressed as a Playboy Bunny

But advice like “just be yourself” can be tough to follow.

Because ultimately, it can be hard to know who “we” are?! It can feel super vulnerable to share parts of ourselves that we might have kept hidden before. (This is especially true for those who have experienced bullying in the past simply for being themselves.)

To approach the “just be yourself” concept in a way that’s helpful, instead of feeling like you need to bare all, we can instead focus on the parts of who we are that are most relevant and impactful to our business and audience.

To gain clarity on what aspects of yourself to share, start with a brain dump in response to the question:

How your friends would describe you?

(Especially the friend who knows the full weirdo version of you!)

Think about your best, most confident day and list out the qualities and aspects that make that version stand out.

And sure, creating a personal brand can be challenging, but it’s also the thing that will keep you one-step ahead of AI and make you the obvious choice for *your people*.

And remember, it’s okay to keep some things private too – you don’t owe your audience everything