Exploring the Concept of Life Purpose: Who am I and What’s my Purpose?

by | Feb 7, 2023 | The Business of Being You

Contemplating “Life Purpose”… do we have one?

Do you believe we all have our own unique “purpose” in life? And how does that question actually impact and affect you day to day?

In this video, join me as I delve into the question of “Who Am I & What’s My Purpose?”

I’m sharing my thoughts on whether we all have a unique purpose in life, and if it’s predetermined or if we get to choose.

I also discuss the concept of simply existing and being who we naturally are.

While I acknowledge that people have differences and unique talents, I also want to offer the idea that our perception of reality is simply a narrative we place over the chaos of the world to make sense of it.

And honestly, in my view, the only way to explore the question of identity and purpose is to be fully in the experience of the moment and express your truth.

Video Transcript

I’ve got so many things that are bumbling around my head right now, so many different like ideas and angles, jostling for position about what wants to be expressed, what do I want to talk about and really open my mouth and hoping that it’s through this act of sharing that it will make some sort of sense. But I guess the root of the thoughts that are spinning through my mind right now is playing with this question of who am I and what’s my purpose?

And I don’t know what you think about this concept of purpose, about whether we all have a unique purpose in life, whether it’s predetermined, whether we get to choose. There’s a lot of different opinions that I hold within me that are seemingly opposite, and yet I believe all of them to be true. So I believe that we do get to decide what our purpose is.

And I do believe that we can find purpose in whatever it is that we are doing. Part of me definitely believes that our purpose is about a quality of consciousness that we bring to whatever activity that is good doing. So I could do any task and be living out my purpose by merely being in the moment and experiencing it.

I guess from that line of thought, our purpose is simply to exist, to be, and deeper than that, I suppose, to be who we naturally are, to not be anybody who we think we should be and really get to the core of just experiencing life. Really No, to seeing the moment. But within that, it’s hard to deny that people have differences.

We all have unique ways that we experience the world. We all have unique talents. We all have different things that pull on the cords of our curiosity and capture our attention. So surely with this in mind, maybe there is more than just being. Maybe our unique presence in the world does have a certain path to follow, does have a certain experience to play out, and yet perhaps it’s all meaningless.

Perhaps our perception of reality is simply a narrative that we place over the chaos of the world just so that we can make sense of it, just so that we can get by day to day and find some sense of purpose in the world. But even if this whole concept of purpose is a completely manmade made concept or a mind made concept, if it helps us survive, it helps us find joy and peace and that sense of fulfillment within is not a bad thing.

I suppose it probably is a bad thing if that then results in taking other people’s lives or causing unnecessary, unnecessary harm to others. But I feel these questions of who I am, who am I and what is my purpose? They are like a incredible pressure that exists within me and I just feel like I have so many different ways that I could go, so many different avenues.

I could explore that it feels at times overwhelming because what do I do with all this potential? Lay it out in front of me. What do I do in this moment? What do I choose to do with my time and energy? How do I choose to spend my time and energy? I don’t have an answer for this. In fact, my only answer is to be in that moment, which sounds like so what are you on about Becky?

And I feel like if I was watching this in my mid-twenties and watching myself now, like, what the hell, she talking about? But our only access point to life is this moment right now. And so it feels somewhat futile to play with all of these ideas, to construct all these scenarios about what might happen in the future, because I actually have no real control over the future.

I only have control over the now. And so by being fully in the experience of this moment and expressing my truth in this moment, knowing that tomorrow it might be completely different, But this is my only answer. This is my only way of exploring that question of who am I and what is my purpose. It’s to be in it, it’s to experience it, to see what comes forth from that place.

But I feel like with each expression, with each video I create, with each thing I write, with each new thought that I have or a new perspective, I come closer to the answer Who am I? What is my purpose? And I feel like if I considered this question tomorrow, I would be able to give you a completely different response to the question Who I am, Who am I, and what’s my purpose?

Because at a core level I can answer it in ways of, well, if I look at where I thrive in life, of where I’m most service, I do have an ability to help people clarify their thoughts. I do have an ability to look beyond and hear beyond the words that somebody shares with me and actually understand the core of what they’re trying to communicate. And not only am I about am I able to see and hear that, but I am able to then extract it in reflected back to somebody. But there’s just this great friction that I feel between doing what I naturally want to do, sharing how I naturally want to share in this completely unstructured way. And all the advice that I hear out there around and I myself perpetuate of staying on message, of making it easy for people to figure out what you’re all about.

I feel like I’m a walking contradiction, like I’m this mess of a human brain that wants to talk about so many different topics and the only thread that connects all of them is the way that I view it. And yes, the other and topics I’m drawn to talking about creativity, talking about how to share authentically, talking about how to uncover who you really are at your core.

I’m being okay with that and not feeling the need to be anybody else and not feeling less than because who you are and the way you see the world is different to everybody else. But appreciating that that is what actually that’s your gift. That’s your unique contribution to this world. And it’s only in stripping off those layers. It’s only in and becoming all the things that you think that you should be, that you are able to find out who you are and what that gift is.

And I feel like me sharing these videos is actually me just don’t keep I’m seeing the process of me unraveling before your very eyes, before your very eyes. A process of just letting go and again, to say another buzzword, surrendering and being totally like, this is me. I can’t really summarize it in a snappy sentence. I can’t really capture it and package it nice and neatly because who I am is so much more than that.

And yet by sharing in this way, I, I completely contradict the whole selling point in my business, in my work, which is about how do we position and package up what you do so that it makes sense to people. But maybe that’s the joy of it, right? Maybe that’s where we find people tending to help others with what they struggle with the most because they have this depth of understanding of that struggle, of that.

He within. So maybe the fact the how I share is completely a web of words and thoughts and ideas. Maybe that is part of what makes my ability to help you clarify your own thoughts. Maybe that’s what makes it special. I don’t know. I always have questions and my life is an exploration of the answers. But at the same time, I don’t necessarily expect to find those answers.

And if you’ve made it this far, if you’re still watching, congratulations. But you know what? We don’t have to have it all figured out. Still exist. We don’t have to be a final evolve form. Do you still share with people to still speak our minds? We get to be a work in progress. And who knows? Maybe somebody will find something in this that’s meaningful to them.

Who knows? Who the hell am I to say? And I guess that’s the core of it, really, in a struggle, in a battle between wanting to just express myself truly against the friction of wanting it to be useful to other people. And the question of is myself sharing this freely? Actually, the thing that’s useful to other people, the unpackaged ness of it, the messiness of it, is that what’s actually helpful? It’s not my question to answer.

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