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Everyday Stories

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I believe that sharing our stories is the best way to build relationships & draw *our people* to us.

But this isn’t about sharing the big, heavy & dramatic moments of your life.

This is about your Everyday Stories, those little peeks into your world that let people connect with you in a real way.

(From a more strategic perspective, this is also how you can create the kinda content that only you can create & stand out from everyone else on the internet.)


Everyday Stories

The straightforward monthly email subscription helping you create consistent story-led content that makes people fall in love with what you do.

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With an Everyday Stories subscription, you’ll learn how to:

💡 Take generic ideas and pack-em full of personality so people actually want to listen/read/watch what you’re putting out into the world
📖 Understand how to make everyday content more interesting by utilising the power of storytelling & a neat little trick (which also applies when you drop food on the floor)
💕 Create genuine relationships with your audience and build up that important piggy bank of know, like, trust that you can cash in whenever you want
⏰ Get wayyyy more efficient with your time by spending less time head-scratching & more time creating
🧠 Spot story ideas everywhere so you don’t have to spend hours staring at a blank page questioning your very existence (we’ve all been there haven’t we)

how it all goes down in story town

you subscribe to Everyday Stories & get instant access to a mini-course crash in storytelling for business direct to your inbox

every Monday thereafter you receive a story-led content prompt via email, along with questions designed to get your creative juices flowing

each email contains examples and guidance on how to make the prompt relevant to your business & whatever you're selling at the moment

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Weekly Prompt: Your Surroundings

Our surroundings, particularly those which we decorated and furnished ourselves, often hold a multitude of stories which can provide an insight into who we are, what we believe in and how we see ourselves and the world around us.

But by the very nature of the human brain, we often become blind to the very objects and environments which make us who we are.

So with this prompt, I want you to look around and see what stories are hiding under your nose and use these as a starting point for your creative reflection.


  • Are there any objects in your surroundings that hold significance for you? What’s the story behind them/where you acquired them/what they represent to you?
  • Are there any telltale signs in your surroundings that signal that this is your space?
  • Are there any objects here bought by a different version of you? What has changed?

📍 And remember, a story in the context we’re telling them is simply sharing information about an event (past or present) from your persepective that provides insight into who you are and how you see the world, don’t get caught up in details here – let it be simple!


…and if you want to make it specific to business:

This prompt is great for “metaphorically” letting people into your home and into your space so they can get to know you better.

If you want to keep it business orientated, you can look for objects or visual cues in your surroundings that are related to your business, or have a good segue into your business story.

Personal Examples:

✨ I could compare my home office to the corporate office and tell a story about how different life is now.

✨ There’s a lot of books on my bookcase about Storytelling, deffo something in there I could talk about

✨ I also used this EXACT prompt to create this video which I posted on Social Media!


Everyday Stories is a monthly subscription helping you create the kind of content only you could create by providing weekly story-led content prompts so you can close the relationship gap with your audience.

The prompts you receive are designed to be specific enough to be meaningful, but also broad enough that you can use them more than once to generate completely fresh ideas.

You also get Examples from me as well as instructions on how to turn these into sales generators for your business too where appropriate.

Basically, I’m here to make it really hard for you NOT to create awesome content 😎

only £12 a month

Add some ‘oomph’ to your online presence.
Create content that makes you money without the ick.
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