Day 18 // Unbecoming Who You “Think” You Should Be

by | Jan 25, 2023 | The Creative Experiment

The Importance of Showing Up for Yourself

How much of your life is in service of other people? How often do you sacrifice little parts of yourself so that you might be understood better or better received by the people you’re trying so hard to make happy? Here’s why I believe you’re doing yourself and the world a disservice when you filter who you are for approval.

Video Transcript

When I show up with these videos, I’m showing up for myself. And in turn, I believe that I’m showing up for you as well. The watcher, the viewer, the individual that through the magic of technology, is connecting with me right now. And I believe this notion of showing up for ourselves is one of the most important things that we can embrace in every aspect of our lives.

I think there’s been a glamorization of dedicating your life, your life lives. Maybe we do have multiple. Dedicating your life in service to others. I think we see a lot of characters in films, heroes that serve the greater good, the mother that gives everything to her child, the daughter that works endlessly to please her parents.

But when we live in this way, what we’re effectively doing is judging our worthiness of goodness, our purpose based on the lives of others, and how we are received by others. But the world and people we are ever changing complex things. And so to build your life in this way, to build your identity in this way is to build it on quicksand that can so easily change and give way under your feet.

We’ve all heard the sayings in the whatever. However, to divine it, the idea that on an airplane it’s important to put your own oxygen mask on first so that you can help others.

But I think that’s just extends and should extend to almost every other part of your life. And so in me doing these videos, it might seem well, I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion about the purpose of this channel, my purpose of me doing these videos. But it might seem like I’m creating content for you. And in a sense, I am.

These videos are for you. That’s why I’m pushing them out there into the world so that you can watch them. But they are first for me. They are a way for me to show up for myself, a place for me to share freely without boundaries, to express in a way that is imperfect at times, probably rambling, and to show that it’s okay.

And that is super important to create this space for yourself as well. This space where you can be free, a space where you can be imperfect and explore and express who you are as a human being and share your unique perspective.

I believe that we’re all designed or made up, or even if it’s completely random, we’re all configured in some way to experience life and the world differently. We all have our own unique perspectives on the way we see things. And I think when we become too attached to trying to shape up perspective, to please others, we lose the magic that only we have the filter through which we see and experience the world the way our thoughts coalesce in our brains, the way the words come out of our mouths, the way the art is expressed, the way that we choose to communicate with others.

By giving yourself permission for it not to look or be a certain way other than the way that it purely wants to be expressed through you and using your sense of joy and excitement and fulfilment as the measuring stick that showing up for yourself, showing up for the being that you are, and that version of you is the one that, funnily enough, I believe is the most service to others.

So I’d like more people to dedicate their lives or portions of their lives or I believe their whole lives to becoming the most real version of them, to unbecoming all of the things that they have picked up, all of the different layers that have been layered upon you to unbecoming the person that you thought you should be so that you can discover who you really are and what you really have to give to the world.

It doesn’t have to be in this method. It doesn’t have to be anything shared with anybody. It could just be the quality of the thoughts that you choose to let yourself think.

I invite you to embark on a journey on becoming unbecoming who they want you to be so that you can become who you truly are.

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