Day 17 // How Are You Really Though?

by | Jan 24, 2023 | The Creative Experiment

How often do you actually check in with how you’re feeling? Especially if you’ve been in a bit of a funk for a while…

Plus, what’s the deal with a morning routine? Is it a load of BS or actually worthwhile?

Video Transcript

How often do you just accept the mood you’re in? How often do you actually conjure? Sally Check in to see how you’re really feeling. And the reason I’m talking about this today is because I’m going to be honest with you. Yesterday I was not in a good place. I was feeling pretty sad, doing some heavy emotions. But I track my own natural cycle and rhythm pretty relentlessly.

So this mood I experienced yesterday was not a surprise in any way, and it was completely explainable based on the hormones that were likely coursing around my body or lack of hormones around my body. At that particular point. So although I very much felt the intensity of sadness, anxiety, my in a critic was having an absolute field day, thoughts I was directing at myself were not very nice at all.

The knowledge I have of my own rhythm and cycles allowed me to understand where they were coming from and not create a story out of the sensations I was experiencing. But I woke up today with this idea that I was already sad, so I had already carried over the emotions from yesterday. So I woke up and I was like, Oh yeah, I’m sad.

Ooh, I’m tired. I don’t have much energy. I just want to hibernate. But that’s not strictly true. That was me already deciding how I felt before actually checking in and upon the check in. Yet my energy is a little bit lower, but I’m not dealing with the same emotions I was yesterday. I don’t have that heaviness and that weight.

I’m much more in control. I listened to music. I had little boogie around the battery while I was getting ready, and it just got me thinking that I know past Becky definitely would have not questioned her mood in the same way the present Becky does. I know when I worked in a more traditional 9 to 5, it was never 9 to 5 much, much later than traditional job.

I would almost ride this early description of my mood and keep it going over days. Like anxiety. I’m anxious. And yes, it probably was true in some certain circumstances, but I hadn’t really I hadn’t embarked on any sort of self-doubt development work or really explored or understood the concept of the present moment or understood the thoughts. We are not our thoughts.

They are just things that happen. We are also not our emotions. They are things that we experience and signals that we are getting from, you know, a body that we can then choose to look at. And I think potentially there may be some people that watch this video that haven’t necessarily got to that point yet. Well, maybe you have a maybe.

Yeah, Becky, I do this all the time. But it’s amazing to me because I remember when I started my own business and started working myself and with less kind of pulled along everybody else’s energy currents. So much talk about the importance of the morning routine and how your morning routine sets you up for the day. And I remember at first I was very well.

First I totally bought into the idea of it, but then I followed people where it was overgeneralize to a very prescriptive about what that morning routine should be like 20 minutes movement, 20 minutes ish. You should be you know, within an hour of waking up and blah, blah, blah, very much like, oh, this is the morning routine that you should have if you want to be productive and feel X, Y, Z.

And I started that and I did it. And it just really didn’t work for me and it felt really surface level. So then I completely rejected the idea of the morning routine and I was like, some people start morning people just deal with it, start trying to tell everyone what to do. But now I’ve reached a point where I’m like, actually a Do you believe the morning your morning routine is important?

However, it’s more the aspect of doing something, whatever that is, that allows you to actively check in with where you are at, what’s going on, to shift out of any predetermined mood or ideas that you have about how you’re feeling and actually connect with truly, how are you feeling for the good of the bad and then from that place, proceed into your day accordingly and knowingly.

That’s, I believe, why the morning routine is important. But how it looks, what that means for you. It’s your experimentation and your interpretation. But really I just want to offer you that reflection on how often are you getting swept up in a story that you’d already told yourself? How much are you just beginning the day with a hangover?

Yesterday’s emotions and feelings and diving right back into it without actually giving yourself pause to understand Am I the same person that I was yesterday? Am I dealing with the same version of me emotionally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, as I was yesterday? Because it’s too easy for us to fall into patterns of behavior unconsciously because our brains quite simply want to make as much of our being a habit as possible so that it can be automated and therefore spend more time looking for things that have changed in the external world that would threaten our wellbeing.

So we have to consciously create a space to check in and it doesn’t have to be a formal thing either. Like mine is. Literally while I’m getting ready in the morning, I’m just consciously arriving into the day and just questioning like, how do I feel today? What is going on? Who is the Becky that’s woken up this morning?

How much of that is just a hunger for my dream? How much of that can I actually just let go right now? How much of this is actually something that I need to be really considerate of and mindful of as I progress into my day? So if you haven’t already today, then let this be your invitation to pause to finish this video consciously.

Just take a quick moment to check in with how am I feeling and is that feeling bad just because I’m carrying it, because I picked it up at some other point? Or can this feeling just be put down with no story attached to it? Almost like, Oh, this is just a turning of a new chapter. Take the moment, pause the check, checking.

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