Day 14 // Embracing Chaos To Feed Creativity

by | Jan 19, 2023 | The Creative Experiment

Here’s the deal: structure is great for creating consistency, but chaos is great for the creative soul. So let’s talk about acting first and making sense afterwards. (Also, if you’ve ever felt limited by the idea of ‘content pillars’ this is for you!)

In this video, I talk about the benefits of giving yourself the freedom to create without rigid structure or predefined expectations.

As a business owner and content creator, I’ve learned that allowing yourself to explore unexpected circumstances can often lead to the most valuable and creative results. By focusing on the creative process rather than the end result, we can tap into our natural tendencies and preferences, leading to more consistent and fulfilling creativity.

Join me as I discuss how embracing chaos can be a powerful tool for any creator looking to unlock their full potential

Video Transcript

See, you know, something funny after yesterday’s video of me being like, oh, you know, make sure you’re setting yourself up to succeed and how much creativity these just have is. Well, once again, I have not filmed the video first thing in the morning. Once again, I am filming the video at whatever random time happened to work for me, which happens to be 4:08 at this precise moment because once again my morning has been unstructured.

So even though yesterday’s video, I sort of preach the importance of, you know, creating the environment where you are most able to succeed and be creative at the same time, there’s nothing like a bit of unexpected circumstances to shake things up, which is kind of where I want to go with today’s video. And also, by the same token, you might notice it looks dark in the room today.

And once again, coz I’m shaking things up a little bit purely for the fun of it, purely to not get stuck in a rhythm that feels limiting, to give myself the opportunity to try out different things, which is really why I kind of want you to walk away with today. And the reason I kind of wanted to have this conversation in particular is because I went to see a friend this morning who is a fellow business owner, and she was talking about wanting to create content and put stuff out there, but feeling restricted by the idea of having to stick to certain pillars or certain topics that she could talk about.

And what I really found throughout this process is that often when you are a singular person engaging in an act of creativity, mostly on your own, you might have people that help you afterwards or whatever. More often than not, we don’t need as much as much structure as maybe our ego thinks we do. So by that, what I mean by this is I entered into this experiment completely, unknowingly, completely, while our agenda purely because I thought it might be a bit of fun, it might be an experience for me to learn from.

But what I noticed is that quite quickly it was the same thing or things that kept coming up for me, which is about the creative process. The act of creating something that either your income is dependent on or it’s not dependent on, and just all of the interesting ways that creativity can create friction or lessons or beautiful moments of joy in our lives.

I didn’t start out with that as my intention, but by giving myself the room to just go out there and talk about what’s on my heart and on my mind, the topic itself and the things I talk about emerge naturally. And this is, I mean, conveniently for me is something that my business is kind of built around helping people express themselves.

And so I’m obviously fascinated by that topic in the sense that I’ve built a business around it. But also, when it comes to creating content in this context, it just naturally flows out of me. So I think sometimes structure, we can create structure around our creative practice, whether it is something very specific like creating content for businesses or something more general, which I can’t think of an example of right now.

But we can create this structure because we think we needed to create our ego that is ultimately scared of the unknown things. If I have something a schedule, I can stick to it. If I have a set of rules. If I have a paint scheme for my art that I always paint in these particular colours because that’s my brand, that’s my style, that can create a level of rigidity that we actually don’t need.

And by removing that, by giving ourselves the space to create completely freely without any sort of restriction on natural preferences about how we like to do it, can and will, I believe, emerge. What you want to talk about will almost emerge as a result of you just showing up and talking every day because it’s the topics that are on your heart and in your soul that I believe you will be most equipped, able, excited to talk about with consistency.

And I think that’s actually probably a smarter approach by understanding what naturally wants to be expressed within me. And then afterwards, if I want it to serve a purpose, how can I then structure things like my business, like content plan or my creative plan, whatever? How can I then structure that to fit what I’m naturally good at? Often, you know, we can look for areas where we might think, Oh, I’m not very consistent with my content, so I’m going to create this structure schedule to stick to you that’s going to help me.

But then in doing that, we actually further compound the problem because we’ve determined ahead of time what we think we should be talking about and therefore limiting and ultimately devaluing anything that falls outside that box. So I think there is a great amount of value, a great amount of, I don’t know, lessons, whatever that can come out of the process of actually embracing the chaos and maybe its personality types, maybe some people that just would create too much pressure within them.

They need the structure to help alleviate enough or to actually engage with the process in the first place. They need that kind of boundaries. But in my own personal experience, I know for me removing boundaries wherever I can, removing the removing restriction, wherever I can is just a small thing, right? It’s like, yes, I know structure in terms of having routines and carving out time to make things happen is great, but actually trying to dictate what happens in that time.

That’s where I’m hesitant, you know, that’s where I’m really focused on the process. And I would encourage you to maybe spend more time focusing on the process as opposed to the results, because once you’ve created 50 things, ten things, a thousand things, it’s much easier to look back and go, Oh, look, that’s how that’s like the through line.

That’s how all the dots connect. Like, sometimes we have to act first so that we can know. See, let’s say they have and in the evenings following these. So maybe it’ll continue. Maybe it won’t. Who knows? Don’t be scared to have fun with it. Don’t be scared to every now and then embrace the chaos and see what happens.

Because chances are you’ll be surprised.

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