Day 12 // How To Cultivate Patience

by | Jan 17, 2023 | The Creative Experiment

The Importance of Cultivating Patience

I won’t lie, today’s video took me 2 attempts because, well… watch and you’ll see! But it was an important lesson in how impatience can sneak up on you and manifest in all sorts of sneaky ways. So if you’ve ever felt frustrated with how sllooowww something is going, I think this might be a good one for you 😉

Video Transcript

On cultivating patience. Now, you know, I like to be really honest in these videos. And I this is my second attempt today of filming this. And the reason I stopped filming the previous one is because I was being quite frantic. And I know when I hit record, my intention was to just get it done as quick as possible.

And I started off talking about procrastination and what does that mean? But my thoughts were all over the place. I wasn’t really giving myself a chance to take a breath. And it’s true that I have been procrastinating this morning ahead of filming this video, but it’s only in that first attempt and actually pressing record and being in the moment that I realized how ungrounded, how rushed I was, I’m really how I was just desperate to get it filmed so I could take it off for the day.

And I think I have become more resistant to leaving gaps as I’ve been filming these videos. I think I’ve generally had more coherent thoughts. I’ve been able to speak more fluently and leave less pauses.

And yesterday I spoke about the importance of rest, the importance of taking time and I think what goes hand in hand in that is that we also need to cultivate patience. Because I think for me, one of the reasons I also resist rest is because I’m so impatient to have something finished, to complete something to feel the feelings of something being completed.

And in the case of these videos, I know that my intention is to complete four weeks worth. It’ll technically work out at 20 videos because I only do the Monday to Friday, but essentially for the whole of January during the work week. I want to do it of these videos and I want to stick with it to experience how my ability and desire to create fluctuates throughout the month because I know I can learn from it.

But when I started today in that first attempt, it very much just became a tick box exercise. And I think sometimes when you’re building habits or trying to create consistency in something, there’s going to be times where it feels like you are just going through the motions, where you’re maybe just churning out whatever is for the sake of it.

I know this happened for me. I tried to gratitude journaling in 2020, and at first it was very effective. Every night I would before going to sleep, I would fill in my five minute journal and reflect on what I was grateful for. But after a while, it got to the point where I was like, I’m grateful my cats and grateful of my health.

And I was just going through the motions as opposed to really feeling it.

I feel like this is something I see a lot in life. I feel like I witness instances of people just going through the motions in that everyday life and not really engaging with it and not really pausing or creating enough distance to realize that that’s what they’re doing. And as a business owner, again, I see this a lot with people who create content that just going through the motions, that just churning out content, but not really engaging with the process fully, sort of half arcing it to a certain extent, although it won’t feel like it.

They’re putting in the effort. But I imagine it’s giving them no pleasure, no joy, You know, what’s this got to do with patients? I think when we’re going through the motions to reach some end point, to create some result and maybe when it’s not happening quick enough, that frustration can start to build and the impatience can creep in.

I heard somebody say great thing about impatience and and I was going to come out woohoo and spiritual and whatever, but I’m going to share anyway the patience, impatience is ultimately an act of you not trusting in the path of your life.

And we definitely are getting spiritual here because I think there’s some varying schools of thought around this. There’s some people that think you have absolute 100% control over your life and over the results and outcomes that you have. And then there’s people at the other end of the spectrum that believe if you just think something or hold it in tension clear enough in your heart, it will manifest because the universe will take care of everything for you.

My personal belief is there’s a bit of a blend of both. We only have control over our actions, but I believe in action that’s done with the right intention will reap better results than action done in a state of unconsciousness, mainly because intention adds a sharpness to the action.

And so when I find myself in these periods of impatience, periods of frustration periods where I’m just going through the motions, I thank it and becoming aware of it. I’m so grateful for my awareness because it realize I realize I’ve slipped into a pattern of impatience. I’ve slipped into a pattern of delaying my happiness to some future, a future that may not exist in this case by just trying to get through the video.

And I first filmed it. I was actually reinforcing the belief that these videos only become worth while. This experiment only becomes worthwhile When I’ve reached the end and I’ve hit that milestone and in that frustration, in that rush, in that desire to get it done, I place greater emphasis on the results than I did on the process. And for me, that’s just a path to own happiness.

I want to take pleasure in my work. And actually this second recording, I have taken pleasure in it and it might even slow. It might have been unstructured, it might not be the best video you have done, but it’s been a really important lesson in awareness. And again, I would only that awareness only came because I actually went through the process of trying to record.

If I just put it off, if I just decided not to do the video, if I’d just ploughed through, I wouldn’t have created that moment of, Oh, hold on, I can catch myself now. Because in just by procrastinating, I could blame on the fact that I was tired. I could blame it on the fact that the just didn’t feel like it.

But in actually giving it a go, I was able to realize that procrastination was actually a surface level excuse. What was really going on is that I’d lost touch essentially with the reason I’m doing these videos in the first place, which is to explore more, to embrace the creative experiment, not to reach some arbitrary goal, not for the views.

It’s about my experience with it. And by remembering that by having this moment where I forgot it, then became real, where it’s something I’m genuinely grateful for because it allows me pleasure in the present moment as opposed to deferring it to some future that honestly does not exist.

So cultivating patience, the best way I have found to do it is instead of focusing intensely on some future idea, is to really find ways to enjoy and appreciate the now. Because this moment is all we ever have access to. This is the only moment where we can actually create change. We can actually experience life. We can actually into react with life and draw pleasure from it.

This is the only moment, not some faded version from the past and not some imaginary future.

So if you find yourself in a period of impatience, of feeling dissatisfied with your current situation, yes, you can absolutely let that fuel action for you. You can absolutely use that as motivation and drive out. I believe that will make you happy. Personally, it’s only when we can marry that dissatisfaction of our present moment or desire for things to look and feel different with an appreciation of the journey and the adventure that we are embarking on to create change.

That’s where the joy lies. That’s where the adventure lies. Sending you patience and calm and adventure. Today.

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