Day 11 // The Role of Rest In Creativity

by | Jan 16, 2023 | The Creative Experiment

Honouring Your Natural Rhythms and Cycles for Creativity

In our success-obsessed culture, having low energy is often demonised. Yet my experience has shown me time and time again that slowing down, that respecting my natural cycles of energy is a key part of what allows me to be creative in my energy peaks.

In this video, I dive deeper into the importance of respecting your natural cycles and rhythms when it comes to creativity.

Sometimes, it’s okay to not feel like being creative, and that’s when we need to listen to our bodies and rest.

While it’s important to show up and start, we also need to honour ourselves and give ourselves permission to take a break when needed. Join me as I discuss practical tips for managing creative dips and how to prioritise rest in a world that values constant hustle.

Video Transcript

Natural rhythms and cycles. So I’ve definitely spoken about this before, about not feeling creative, about not really feeling guilt, about not wanting to show up. And in the past, I’ve spoken about how I believe it’s, you know, a important to honour yourself. And whatever you’re bringing to the table on any given day and working with that. I’ve also spoken about how it’s important to essentially show up anyway, even when you don’t necessarily feel like it, because often through the act of starting, you will find that creativity flows and creativity tends to meet you there.

But today, I just want to add another layer to this conversation and that that’s actually sometimes I believe when you feel like you’re in a dip creatively, that it’s important to respect your natural cycles and natural rhythms and that it’s okay if sometimes you just don’t feel like being creative.

But we always still, of course, have a choice about how we respond, respond to external circumstances, respond to internal circumstances. And there’s a couple of practices that I have to help manage these inevitable dips that come. Firstly, I do, when I am in a creative mood, if I have an excess of ideas, I will make sure to write them all down and capture them in that moment.

So if there are also in days where you’re like, Oh, I need to create something, but my mind is blank, you can refer back to that list you made when you were in a creative state. I also find physical activity really helps things like going for a walk, doing yoga and even meditation in this instance. And it’s not a physical activity, but giving myself external practices, external kind of things I can do, which tend to help the way my brain flows.

But sometimes I know this myself because sometimes I have been in a situation where my schedule has demanded that I do something creative or that I need to create something specifically. And I’ve gone for a walk and I’ve tried to force myself out of that routine into a state where I feel full of energy, full of creation, full of inspiration.

I’ve gone for the walk and on the walk I’m like, Yeah, you know, I’m feeling good. And I’ve got home and just going right back to that lower energy state. And I know, like, low energy is seen as a I don’t know, a bad thing often, but I think having periods of quiet periods of stillness periods where you don’t have a ton to say is really important.

I think the resting is a fundamental part of being able to create later on. And I know in the online space this glamorization around, hustling, pushing through, etc., etc., I am on a bit of a mission to also glamorize rest, to also glamorize slowness, but glamorize pose because life isn’t a race. We’re all going to end up in the same place.

And it’s super easy to get caught up in the rush and desperation to reach somewhere, to reach some goal, to reach some outcome.

And that’s never been a recipe for happiness for me. What’s truly bought me and brought me joy is in the slowing down, is enjoying the resting moments.

So while yes on yourself. While yes, give it a go. Show up. Anyway, start. Give yourself 5 minutes of trying to do something and see if it actually manages to flow through. But if it doesn’t, then be okay with that. Respect your natural rhythms and respect your natural like.

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