Credit where credit is due

by | May 18, 2023 | Personal Writing

Everything I’m doing here with The Point of Divergence & The POD is highly inspired by the work of Rob Hardy & what he’s doing in his own community: The Frontier

When I came across Rob’s work, it was like a breath of fresh air. I joined his online membership The Frontier within 1 hour of stumbling across him & knew immediately I wanted to bring something similar to life for *my people*.

(As Rob might say himself, my mission is to ‘expand the edges of the map’ and take the principles I have been learning from that space out into my own community.)

There are a couple of articles he’s written that articulate some of my own motivations beautifully & so rather than try to re-create them before I’ve yet found my own way of articulating & living them (which btw… is what I hope to do inside The POD!) I instead would like to guide you to two pieces of his work that reflect some of my own truths:

The perils of niching down

The way we’re taught to pursue 1,000 true fans is broken

Non-Coercive Marketing: A Primer

A new philosophy of marketing, rooted in letting go of control, and trusting people to be their own authority.

I highly recommend exploring Rob’s work, it’s a juicy rabbit hole to get lost down!

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