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a.k.a the POD

A community of individuals who wish to approach the act of online business, marketing & sales differently

It’s not a place where the answers are kept,
it’s a place where we discover them together.

investment: £32 per month

The POD is a monthly membership for creators & business owners looking to build an online presence that makes the internet a better place to be & draws their people* to them without perpetuating the current trend of consumer disempowerment.

It’s a way of doing business that views our online audience as more than a line in a spreadsheet, a stripe notification to be screenshotted or a name on a post-it note.

It’s a way of being that views the content we create as an opportunity to connect, inspire & spark connection with other humans, not as fodder for the algorithm.

I like to think of this as human-centred business & marketing.

fyi: *your people* are the ones who…

  • resonate with your work & worldview
  • value what you do
  • are excited to pay you
  • will be your allies in creating the change you wish to see in the world

By joining the Membership, you will get access to:

  • story-led content prompts for every week of the year to humanise your online presence
  • weekly invitations to explore what doing business differently means to you
  • private coworking sessions to help you create and publish your work surrounded by familiar faces
  • dedicated community space to connect & collaborate with others on a similar path to you
  • live ‘campfire’ sessions where we come together & share our wisdom and stories
  • question & feedback sessions where you can seek alternative perspectives

Our collective mission is to re-imagine what the world might look like where those whose businesses prioritise people over profit & use their work as a way to positively impact the lives of others naturally rise to the top and become the obvious first choice.

but there’s something you should know…

The POD is a living breathing thing.

It’s a membership that will be forged by the community as we learn, experiment & grow together.

And by joining the POD, you are joining a collective experiment in doing business differently.

What you WILL NOT find inside the POD:

❌ Ways to ’10x your income’

❌ Generic advice about how to build an audience

❌ Algorithm or platform-specific advice

❌ Rinse & repeat / plug & play business strategies

Why? Because the Internet is already drowning in programmes, courses & communities centred around doing exactly that… and for a lot of people, it doesn’t work.

And don’t get me wrong, there are certain fundamentals within these sorts of business teachings that are useful to know. For example, things like funnels and launches can be excellent when they are used to facilitate genuine human connection with others.

The problem however is that most of these strategies treat business as nothing but a numbers game to win. It turns our audience into ‘money on the table’ and leads us down a path more interested in ‘conversion‘ than it is in ‘connection‘.

I choose to believe there is a better way and that right now, at the dawning of the era of Artificial Intelligence – we are at a point of divergence.

And it’s time to decide the kind of legacy you want to create & the path you will take to get there.

important to note:

Despite the rebellious undertone, this Membership is not about sh*tting on specific business or marketing practises nor is it about ignoring the reality of the world we currently live in & what it requires of us.

Because going against the grain isn’t all rainbows and roses. It’s tough. It takes dedication, perseverance and an acceptance of our own messiness & imperfection.

It’s not about being some perfect, holier-than-thou, superior human that casts shame upon those who walk a different path.

Because honestly, we’re going to f*ck up. We’re going to make business decisions and try things out that trigger insecurities in both ourselves and others. It’s the reality of being human.

We also have basic financial needs to be met and by no means do I believe we should sacrifice those in our efforts to become “enlightened”.

We may find ourselves in situations where we have to make decisions that don’t fully align with our ideal version of self, yet meet our needs in the moment.

But behind all of it, lies the intention of doing things better wherever we can with the resources & power that we hold.

Of choosing to treat those we wish to engage & serve as whole human beings who are not broken and do not need us to fix them.

And of defining what “a better way of doing business” looks and feels like for us and our people.

The 3 Pillars of The POD

Weekly Invitations To Explore

Part of The POD’s ethos is finding clarity through action, not just theory. That’s why you get both story-led content prompts and invitations every week to find your own way of doing business & expressing yourself. 

Community Sharing

Loneliness if the biggest unspoken killer of small businesses. That’s why there is an online community platform as well as live online Zoom sessions where we can connect, learn from, cry with, inspire & share with each other.

Creative Experimentation

Forget formulas, the POD is a place for you to figure out how you want to build a business based on your own success metrics, skills & innate strengths. Our coworking sessions & Q+A / feedback sessions are places for you to experiment in a safe space where everyone wants you to win.

Since joining, almost 2 months ago, I’ve been able to break free from my overly structured & regimented way of running my business and truly opened myself up to experiment and have fun with the support of Becky and the amazing women inside The POD.

Not only am I personally feeling the benefits of this change, but my audience are actively sharing with me how much they love my energy and new approach to showing up online.

Cassie Evans

Virtual Assistant & Digital Marketer

IG: @c.evansva

The nitty-gritty of what you will find inside the POD:

A dedicated online community platform

Hosted inside Mighty Networks you will have access to a platform where you can connect & share with other POD Members. This will include:


The Campfire

Our main forum, where you can share your work, your progress & your crazy ideas. It’s somewhere our stories can be witnessed, our wins can be celebrated & our struggles can be voiced.


Community Sales Space

A place to boldly & honestly share your offerings with the community, grounded in trust, empathy & consent. After all… it’s likely we’re going to invest in ourselves somewhere, why shouldn’t it be in others who share our values?


Questions & Feedback Space

Got a question? Seeking advice? Or looking for someone to ask you a question to help find your own answer? This is where you can do exactly that. 

Live community sessions, every week

Hosted via Zoom, these sessions are an opportunity to come together in real-time & connect with like-minded individuals. Sessions include:


Monthly Intention Sharing 🎬

A 1-hour structured session for everyone to share their intentions for the upcoming month. This is also a great opportunity to ask for any support, collaborations or skill swaps!


Feedback Circle ⭕️

A 1-hour 30min(ish) semi-structured session dedicated to giving & receiving peer feedback.


POD Coworking ✏️

A 2-hour(ish) structured coworking session to get shit done. 


Campfire Chat 🔥

A 1-hour unstructured session to welcome any chat, reflections and wisdom. This is more about sharing stories than it is about seeking answers.


Mid-month Check In 🎬

A 1-hour(ish) structured session to check in to take stock and check in with how you’re getting on.


Knowledge Sharing Session 🧠

1-hour workshop-style session delivered by a POD Member so that we can learn from each other


End of Month Social ☕️

A 1-hour semi- structured session to share wins, reflect on the month & chat sh*t 😝

A note on the live sessions:

Timings & frequency of sessions are subject to change depending on how many individuals we have within the community. If certain sessions prove popular, we will do more of them. If other sessions prove ineffective, we may scrap them. The only sessions which will be recorded are the Q+A/Feedback sessions.

Remember what I said earlier: the POD is a living, breathing thing shaped by the needs & desires of those who make it.

It will evolve as we do.

Access to my 'Everyday Stories' Workshop

On-demand storytelling masterclass, 5 evergreen story prompts & new weekly prompts delivered by email & posted in the community.

I believe that our stories are the best way to invite others into our world & draw *our people* to us.

But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about sharing the big, heavy & dramatic moments of your life. This is about your Everyday Stories, those little peeks into your world that makes the Internet a more diverse, nuanced & interesting place to be.

(From a more strategic perspective, this is also how you can create the content that only you can create & stand out from everyone else on the internet. Good for business, good for humanity.)

Weekly Invitation to "Do Things Differently"

One of the things that quickly emerged when the POD began is the desire of so many to do things differently, but the big question… what does that look like?

Every week I share a prompt with you to consider & play with that week which is designed to help you view your business (and life!) from different perspectives. These prompts also prove as juicy conversation topics amongst the group as we get to hear so many different perspectives 💕

If you’re looking for somewhere online where you can be truly yourself, soak up team vibes from other amazing businesswomen without being constantly sold to (my experience of other biz communities) and a place that will help you to re-discover yourself and grow as a woman and as a business owner then The Pod is for you.

Kendall Platt

The Mindful Gardening Coach

IG: @kendallmarieplatt

Join the community


£32 p/m

14-day money back guarantee & cancel whenever

As I’m hoping I’ve made pretty clear, The POD is a collective experiment and something that we will be building together and so I appreciate that it might feel a bit risky to join.

That’s why if within the first 14-days you decide it’s not for you, all you need to do is send me an email and I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked or justifications needed.

After that, if you want to cancel at any time – you can! All you have to do is go to your Personal Dashboard and hit that cancellation button. Simple as.

Becky is such a good spirit and this community embodies that. If you’re looking for like minds and creative inspiration, this is it for you!

Tolagbe Martins

Grammar & Business Communications Coach

The POD is an incredible place to be a part of. You feel like you belong instead of feeling lonely, feel like you’ve got this (life, biz, whatever it is) instead of feeling there is something wrong with you. It’s a wonderful vibe that sustains you and helps you to keep going after your dreams. <3

Raluca Vaduva

Interior Designer

If it’s community, accountability, support you need, or just a place to be honestly 100% yourself for a while, THIS is it!

Teresa Maria

SEO & AI Copywriter

Join The POD to get access to incredible content prompts, messaging feedback from Becky and to be held accountable during coworking sessions. Stay once you realise it’s a place to be seen, heard and listened to by other women in business who are going through it all too.

Lauren Kavanagh

Virtual Assistant

If you’re thinking about joining the POD, do it!!! Its a month-to-month membership so you have the opportunity to try it and not break the bank. I believe you will get your return on investing tenfold. Giving yourself support on this biz journey is a gift to yourself, but what the POD offers is also support to you as a human which is priceless.

Solas Forest

Self-Relationship Coach

The POD is a place where you feel safe to be you, be vulnerable and be supported on your business journey. It’s like a big virtual family of like-minded ladies to do things differently with, in gentle and feminine way. It feels like being hugged and nurtured every day, which is great way to grow.

Bilyana Georgieva

Business, Life & Money Coach

Rather than write some generic list of “FAQs” – I’d rather answer your actual question(s).

Simply send me an email or pop me a DM on Instagram and I’ll happily shed whatever light I can in helping you make a decision about whether joining the POD is right for you.

And if you just scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page and want a nice neat summary, here it is:

The POD is a monthly membership for those who want to do business differently & practise marketing themselves in a way that feels more human.

We’ll be exploring ways to do this through a mix of themed coworking sessions, community sharing & specific training centred around supporting you to create content that only you could create.

It’s £32 a month with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you.