Wanna work together 1:1?

If you need someone to help you with the following
and you vibe with my stuff, I’m your girl:

  • Bringing an idea to life
  • Clarifying your overall message
  • Making sense of multiple offers
  • Creating content while navigating a pivot
  • Defining your brand positioning & differentiation
  • Getting clear on your audience & “niche”
  • Sales messaging & offer-specific content
  • Overall content plan/style
  • Story ideas for content/content topics

scroll down to find out how…

Ways to work 1:1 with me on your message or strategy:

Let’s package your brilliance up in a way that’s designed to sell 
inc. 1x 90min 1:1 session, sales page template & 30-day promo plan

Half or full day session

Fancy collaborating in person? These sessions are perfect if you have a specific project you’re working on that needs an injection of inspiration to get you unstuck and moving forwards.

Investment starts at £880

Bespoke 1:1 Service

Got something else in mind for my unique skillset of messaging, storytelling & strategic guidance? Send me a message and we can hop on a call to discuss. 

the content offer

The B-Roll Shoot

Let me create 50+ short-form videos for you, ready for you to use on social media.

Prior to setting my business up in 2018, I lived and breathed filmmaking.*

Combining this skillset with my knowledge of entrepreneurship, messaging & storytelling puts me in a unique place to help you create video content that helps *your people* spot you a mile off.

*My previous career was working on movies like Mission Impossible, The Avengers & Dunkirk. My education was also in the Arts, complete with a First Class Honours Degree in Animation, which is essentially visual storytelling in one of it’s most creative forms!


The other way to work with me is to join my private community: The POD

The POD is a place where business owners come together to experiment with doing business differently.

You get access to:

  • Private online community space
  • Weekly live calls dedicated to both creativity & connection
  • Weekly invitations to do business differently
  • Weekly prompts to create story-led content
  • A library of all the trainings I’ve ever created around Messaging & Content

Monthly cost: £32

The POD is about finding clarity & changing your life/business through ACTION, not theory. 

Self-study Options

the personality injection

“Why You?” Workshop


You’re struggling to articulate what makes you different from others who sell the same thing.

You get instant access to a 30-min workshop paired with a downloadable workbook &  fill-in-the-blanks templates. It’s my step-by-step process to help you put words to your unique brilliance & become the go-to person in your industry.

Want me to talk, teach, collaborate or contribute to your group?

Whether it’s running workshop for your membership, delivering an expert talk for your event, featuring as a guest on your podcast or  contributing to your article – I’m DTC (down to collab)

Signature talks & topics include:

  • The “Why You” Workshop
  • How To Tell Stories That Turn Strangers Into Superfans
  • The Business of Being You

Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about working with me:

Collaboration lies at the heart of my work

which basically means, I’m not here to give you any answers nor am I here to “do the work” for you. We’ll be figuring stuff out together.

I don’t believe in “right answers” or “one way” of doing things

there’s only ever the right way for you. Oh, and the right way for you is likely to evolve as you do so yeah… our work is much about practising courageous exploration as it is actually finding answers (a.k.a. the antidote to perfectionism)

Iterative business building & messy action are the songs that I dance to

because I’m not interested in how things look on paper, or how impressive something sounds. We must test things out to know how they feel both for us & for the people we want to help. Be prepared to take action with me.

I prioritise joy over strategy

I believe if you don’t enjoy something, you’re not gonna do it. So expect me to ask “what would feel good?” repeatedly.

…plus a bunch of other things which you’ll discover along the way 😉