The Clarity Clinic

60-min deep dive into the area of your business & messaging that’s keeping you stuck

If you vibe with my work & want my unique skillset applied to your business, this is for you.

Although these sessions are laid back & conversational in nature, they pack a helluva punch when it comes to creating clarity & forward momentum quickly.

They work best when you have a specific thing/problem/question you want to focus on.

If you’ve got questions about whether an Intensive would be appropriate for you, send me a DM on Instagram & let’s talk about it together.

example topics we can discuss:
  • Top-level messaging
  • Your audience & “niche”
  • Immediate action steps for your big idea
  • Offer-specific value
  • Sales messaging
  • Making sense of how your multiple offers fit together
  • Overall content plan/style
  • Storytelling/content topics
  • Your ‘positioning’ & ‘differentiation’
  • Story ideas for content
  • A plan for pivoting

I loved that our session was a conversation was action-orientated and focused on providing clear direction, not preachy nor just spouting theory. If you’re thinking about working with Becky, do it.

– Emma | Body, Lifestyle & Confidence Expert

How We Create The Clarity That Leads To Action


After booking your session, you will receive a consultation questionnaire to help organise your thoughts & help me prep approppriately


We will meet on Zoom to discuss the area of your business or messaging that feels fuzzy, with an intentional focus on creating the clarity needed to allow you to take action


You will receive a recording of the session, a written summary of what was discussed & action steps to take

If the Calendar below looks funky on your mobile, you can click here to book directly via Calendly instead.

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed with figuring things out on your own, Becky is THE one to help you get to where you want to be. She’ll help you dig deep into the core of who you really are, what your business *really* is & illuminate those next steps to get you where you want to go. I’d highly recommend working with her.”

– Dominique | Website Designer

My Approach

A coaching approach to find clarity followed by hands-on planning to support action

Collaboration lies at the heart of my work.
I’m not here to give you any answers nor to “do the work” for you. We’ll be figuring stuff out together.

I don’t believe in “right answers” or “one way” of doing things.
There’s only ever the right way for you, which isn’t found in the pages of a book but instead through your courageous action & commitment to the spirit of curiosity.

Iterative business building & messy action are the songs I dance to.
I’m not interested in how things look on paper, or how impressive something sounds. We must test things out to know how they feel both for us & for the people we want to help. Be prepared to take action after your session.

I prioritise joy over strategy. I believe if you don’t enjoy something, you’re not gonna do it. So expect me to ask “what would feel good?” repeatedly.

I liked the fact that I had to think so much for myself rather than have someone else just do it for me and that some of your questions sent me to uncomfortable places. It made me realise the qualities I have that set me apart from others.

– Archana / Health, Nutrition and Alcohol-reduction Coach

This woman has the gift of clarity!!!! If you don’t read any more, that’s the idea I want you to have about Becky.

Out of a cloud of thoughts and ideas all mixed together, she will pick out the best ones and simplify them to the point where what you’re trying to express becomes obvious.

– Maria / Product Founder

My new favourite thing is seeing people’s reaction when I tell them what I do, as I know I’m confidently communicating and enticing them into my world. But on top of that, I also feel more confident in myself and my work.

– Paola / Cookery Teacher

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed with figuring out your brand messaging on your own, Becky is THE one to help you get to where you want to be.

She’ll help you dig deep into the core of who you really are and what your business *really* is, amplifying what makes you unique. I’d highly recommend working with her.”

– Dominique / Web Designer

I’m so pleased I worked with Becky. It gave me validation and confidence to keep doing what I’m doing. 

– Catriona / Hairpiece Maker

Just having that different perspective and Becky’s ability to use what I say and turn it into magic was a great experience. I wanted to buy my own products when she turned my words into a story!

– Selina / Career Coach

My session with Becky was exactly what I needed to dive another level deeper and clarify who I am speaking to and uncover the words that speak to the heart of my people. Can’t wait to apply what we talked about!

– Ginny / Manifestation Mentor

To be quite honest, I never knew what a brand & messaging coach does. I always thought they were people that you bring on when you are super serious/established.

But within 60 minutes, Becky understood what was going inside my head and educated me on my positioning, messaging & so much more. I was blown away

– Sneha / Agency Founder