Why I Started My Business

4 months before my 29th Birthday, I had an experience that changed my life forever.

I’m attending an event called ‘Power To Achieve’ and honestly I don’t want to be there, but my parents had an extra ticket and I didn’t have a valid excuse to say no.

I’m the girl in the crowd regularly rolling her eyes, refusing to play along with the guy leading the event who is consistently asking us to raise our hand and shout YES to seemingly obvious statements.

No thanks, I’ll just sit here and silently judge everyone else thanks. Weirdos.

So you can imagine my surprise when during a guided visualisation where you go and meet your younger self (massive eye-roll), hot salty tears started running down my cheeks. Younger Becky was thoroughly unimpressed.

Yeah ok, I had the cool job working in film with an impressive IMDB page.

I had the top-dog Producer Title.

I had a decent salary and even joint-owned a property in London. In Zone 2 no less!

But as I look into 4-year old Becky’s eyes – I can see she is disappointed in me.

Because I didn’t have The Book that I said I wanted to write since I knew what Books were.

I wasn’t contributing to anything great or world-changing.

Although I was incredibly good at my job, I was entirely replaceable.

And the fact I was incredibly good at my job also made zero difference to the amount of money I took home every month.


Even though I still regularly daydreamed of how EPIC my life would one day be… there always just seemed to be one more movie to work on before I’d go do it.

1 month later – I handed my notice in and my business baby was officially born on the 12th of September 2018.

What I quickly discovered however, is that without the motivation to avoid accidentally going to second-based with complete strangers on the Victoria Line – it’s actually really hard to get out of bed every morning.

(especially if you haven’t got any of those tiny-human alarm clocks I hear people talk about.)

My vision of working in my pyjamas all day every day also transformed from a Story of Ultimate Comfort into one of questionable personal hygiene.

But despite PyjamaGate, I’ve been running my business for 4 years now, and yes, it’s still waaayyyy harder at times than I thought it was going to be.

But the reason I’ve not jacked it all in yet to get a job at Tesco is because firstly, only having to look presentable from the waist up most days still outweighs a predictable pay-check for me, and of course, helping women give the middle finger to the capitalist rat race is far too addictive for it’s own good.

I also firmly believe the quickest way to build a better business and live a better life, is to tell a better story and that’s exactly what I’m committed to doing for the rest of my life…

…or at least, long enough that my 4-year old self would be proud of me for.