Put Social Media On Easy Mode With A Library Of Ready To Use Intentional Short-Form Videos

In the age of TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest Idea Pins…

Short-form video can get your business in front of new audiences both quickly meaningfully 

The problem? Creating it yourself takes a crazy amount of time & effort.

(and as much as you love them, we both know your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/child is useless at it!)

the short version

(the b-roll shoot day is like a brand photoshoot, except we’re capturing video content for socials!)

In 2-3 hours, we will capture enough footage to create a minimum of 50 on-brand, intentional, short videos that will be edited, colour-corrected, organised and delivered back to you ready-to-use.

(that’s basically enough content for you to post a new video every single weekday for 3 months with minimal fuss!)

Currently at an introductory price of £620 for the first 5 people who book
payment plans available

What’s “B-Roll’ Video?

B-Roll videos document everyday activities to communicate the *essence* of your brand, what it stands for and the general vibe that people can expect if they work with/buy from you.

They are perfect for creating Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, Pinterest Idea Pins and YouTube shorts in a way that feels genuine & authentic to you.

No dancing or speaking to camera required which makes them an introverted business owner’s best friend 😉

(Oh, and because there’s no “set” audio… you can use them over and over again by simply swapping out any text or captions you use with it!)

What does a B-Roll video shoot include?

In-Depth Shoot Planning

Prior to your shoot I will send you a questionnaire to understand more about who you are, what your brand & business is all about and what you’re working towards currently.

From there, we will then have a Zoom call to discuss exactly what you need from the shoot so that you have highly-intentional video content ready to use for the next 3-6 months of your business, depending on how often you post.

We’ll also discuss the logistics of things like location, outfits & props.

Following this I’ll send you a planning document so you can get organised, as well as a ‘scene-list’ so we know what we’re capturing on the day.

1x 2-3 Hour Video Shoot

We’ll meet at a pre-agreed location, and spend 2-3 hours together. Up to 3 weeks later you will digitally receive a minimum of 50 videos ready for you to use on social media to promote your brand. 

Social Media Tutorials

Wondering how to add a soundtrack to your video? Or maybe you want to add a voice-over and captions? Or maybe you’re wondering how to add text or that fancy graphic you’ve designed in Canva.

Fear not, I’ll send you a tutorial on exactly how to do these things! 🥳


Ready to book your B-Roll Shoot?

included in your investment:

  • Shoot planning Zoom call
  • 2-3 hour video shoot
  • minimum of 50 edited videos
    delivered within 3-weeks of the shoot
  • tutorial on how to use videos

Beta Round Investment*: £620

A deposit of £250 is required to secure your date, with the remaining balance due one week before the shoot.

Travel outside of East Midlands, shoot location, props, hair & make-up is not included. We’ll discuss all this together on our planning call!


The current pricing reflects an early-bird rate whilst I build my initial portfolio and will almost certainly increase – if you’re interested, it will never be as accessibly priced as this in the future!

As part of our B-Roll shoot day, we will capture two types of video content: micro-stories & loops


The perfect videos to create Reels & TikTok content with ease

There are single-shot videos which capture a specific action or vibe which will continue to loop when used on social media. Together we’ll capture a minimum of 35 on-brand loop videos which you can use for your content.

To use these for content, all you have to do is take the video which matches the vibe or theme of what you want to share, and then lay over text and/or graphics.



Perfect to use with voice-overs & captions

We’ll shoot footage for a minimum of 15 micro stories (3 edits for 5 scenes) which are more intentional pieces of content. These are multi-shot videos which capture multiple angles of a specific action or vibe.

These videos will come pre-edited & ready to use.

These are great for using a simple text overlay or recording a voice-over and adding captions.


The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Therefore, not only does video content connect with your audience at a deeper level but also does it far faster than text.

The beauty of B-Roll video is that we get to capture very specific footage that intentionally conveys aspects of your message to your audience without having to even touch a thesaurus.

B-Roll is perfect for:

Those with a million content ideas in their notes app that never get posted

because creating a carousel takes aggesss, no one seems to read long captions anymore and if you emailed your list everytime you had a new idea you’d deffo end up in a spam folder. With B-Roll video, you can take that very same note, whack it over the video and “voila” – you’re creating video content with minimal fuss!

Those that *love* creating long-form content & begrudge having to create social media posts to promote it

because if you don’t tell people that new podcast episode/blog article/youtube video exists… chances of it getting seen aren’t great. The beauty of B-Roll is that I can make a super quick promo post in the format (short-video) that the algorithms love

Introverts & those who *hate* speaking to camera

with a b-roll shoot, you can create a whole library of on-brand video content where people can see you “in action” and get to know you ready for you to post at a later date from the comfort of your sofa, no additional social energy required!

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