Hi. I’m Becky.

I’m obsessed with practical storytelling, taking messy action and my two cats; Luna & Button 🐱 🐱

I’m here to help you find the words to confidently communicate your full awesome-ness and get excited about sharing it

I use a coaching approach, shaping what you already instinctively know to be true into actionable and story-led Messaging.

But my work and those I work with aren’t just in this for personal gain, we’re here to change the way the world operates through the work we do. This is about putting more money and power into the pockets of high integrity empathy-led coaches, consultants and creative businesses so that the rest of the world has no other choice but to follow suit. 😎

Why I Do

What I Do

I’ve been in this business game since the summer of 2018 after realising I didn’t wanna spend the rest of my life as a slave to my alarm clock #NotAMorningPerson

I wanted a business that gave me the freedom to follow my curiosity. Where I could flex my creative muscles and get paid to do the things I love.

And the thing I love?

Helping people realise how friggin’ amazing they are and how easy life can be when we start unapologetically being who we are, and sharing what’s important to us.

It’s why I exclusively work with people who have built their businesses around themselves, their skillset, experience or expertise.

Because there’s a special kind of creative challenge when you’re trying to capture the multifaceted wonder that is YOU in sentences and words that make it easy for other people to understand.

And I love a challenge 😈


The Story So Far


The stars aligned. I was presented with the opportunity to leave my successful 8-year career in the 🎬 film industry to pursue a different way of living… and I grabbed it with both hands!


After dusting off my art & design skills from University I began designing & building websites for people.

But tbh, I mostly felt like I’d traded my career for a different job, ya know? I didn’t know *exactly* what I was searching for, but I knew this wasn’t it.


One thing I knew I LOVED was talking to my clients about their Brands. So I dropped the website bit and focussed only on Brand Design but while I was making *ok* money, I still felt like I was playing it safe and following a path I’d seen other people go down instead of truly trusting my gut…


Then in 2020, the Pandemic hit. With a sense of “now or never” I decided to go all-in and only focus on what made my heart sing: Brand Messaging & Storytelling

(I won’t lie, this was scary AF… like does anyone else do *just* messaging?! 😅)


2021 AND BEYOND...

Since that decision, I’ve worked with over 80 individuals on their Brand Message and Strategy and honestly, the ripple effect of this work is so much bigger and more important than I could ever have imagined! 

5 years in & I’m only just getting going.

No more playing small here, thank you very much 😘

I’ve got a big vision and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me!

Wanna get to know the ‘real’ me? Not just the shiny website version?

My emails are where I dish all the dirt…

One of my core beliefs is that your story has the power to change the world, no matter how small or inconsequential it feels. It’s in the stories of others that we are able to learn about ourselves.

This is why every week I sit down and write from the heart, sharing my business-building story as it’s happening.
Wins, failures, you get it all.

(I also can’t help but add in a ‘lesson’ or takeaway for you too – it’s just the way my brain works!)


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