Hey, I’m Becky —
multi-passionate creator & recovering perfectionist.

(For the spiritually curious I’m a Libra Sun & Scorpio Rising, 2/4 Splenic Projector)

At a glance…

You can find my name on the credits for movies like Fantastic Beasts, The Avengers, Dunkirk & Mission Impossible where I worked as part of the production team bringing ideas to life.

I’ve been working for myself since 2018 using my storytelling superpowers to turn run-of-the-mill businesses into culture-defining brands.

Call me crazy, but I think the internet should make your life as a business owner easier… not harder.

It’s why I’m on a mission to simplify brand building & content creation for soulful business owners who are here to shape future conversations.

My approach is *highly* collaborative–I’m the Sam to your Frodo, the Hermoine to your Harry and the Goose to your Maverick.


Creativity as a lifestyle.
Messy action always wins.
Remember to find the fun.

My (Multipassionate) Story So Far

summer 2018 / life is good “on paper”

Working on Fantastic Beasts 2 as a VFX Producer, I’d reached the top of the career ladder and yet most of my working life was spent with my nose in spreadsheets managing multi-million dollar budgets & teams of 100+ creatives.

I knew something had to change, so with nothing more but a vague notion of starting an “internet business” I quit my job.

rediscovering my own creativity.

2 months later on my wedding day, my videographer overheard me telling my friends about how I designed & built my own website. He asked if I could do the same for him, I said yes.

better, but not it.

Although infinitely more creative, I knew web design wasn’t *it*.

I LOVED talking to my clients about their business and what they were trying to communicate & wondered if there was a way to incorporate my storytelling skills into my work…

2020, the Pandemic hits.

With a sense of “now or never” I decided to go all-in and niche down into Brand Messaging & Storytelling

(I won’t lie, this was scary AF…turning down a £3K website project was deffo a test of my resolve! 😅)


Wordsmithing & brand storytelling

From March 2020 – October 2023, Brand Messaging became my thing. Working with 80+ individuals on their Messaging & Communication Strategy, generating £250K+ in revenue – you’d think I’d found “the one” right?

But something was still missing…

Getting my hands dirty…

3 years of theorising about communication strategy felt like a long time without getting in the trenches of business building.

I wanted to get my hands dirty and find out if all the ideas I was sharing would work in practise. Enter Videography services & creating content for clients across multiple platforms to see how all that theory works in practise. 

The throughline?

The way I look at it, I’ve been helping people tell their stories since I entered full-time employment 14 years ago.

I’m obsessive about how we communicate and relate to each other, and how the content we put out into the world can shape the culture we live in for the better.