5 Ways To Deal With Fear Of Judgement

by | Jan 3, 2022 | The Business of Being You

Fear of judgment is one of the biggest blocks I see holding people back from saying what they really want to say online. In this episode I’ll be discussing my 5 top tips to help deal with this fear so you can get out there and start owning what you do with confidence.

Prefer to Read? Here’s the Podcast Transcript:

Fun fact about me – I hate queue jumping.

Whilst this is a tiny little thing, and we can laugh about how British it is, it’s something that is very real for me. I have a physical reaction to it!

I get all hot and sweaty and I’m waiting for someone to call me out and shout at me.

The thing is… this shows up for me in everyday life too.

I get the same feeling when I think about putting content out into the world.

It’s so deeply ingrained in me to stay in my ‘place’. The place that society and our culture has designated me.

Humans tear each other down all the time. Snide comments on the internet or in gossip magazines and tabloids are the normal.

Shows like Love Island create ridiculous scenarios.  We can all sit and gawk, and gossip about who we love and who we hate.

(Sorry Love Island fans, I simply cannot get on board with it. I tried watching it to see what the fuss was about annndd nope – I do not want to feed my brain with that!)

The thing is, gossip is hard wired into us. In our evolution, gossip served as a mechanism for us to exist in larger social groups. On a personal level the fear of becoming the subject of gossip and  judgement, can be crippling.

So, how do we deal with it then? Here are 5 things to get you started:

1. Remember nobody really cares what you’re doing anyway

Everyone is too busy obsessing over themselves to worry too much about you. Yes, they might pass comment or say something mean, but this says more about them than it does about you.

2. Stop judging yourself

Often, the worst things that are said to us, are the things we say to ourselves. You have to stop judging yourself so harshly.  if you tear yourself down it gives other people the opportunity to join in. Show yourself the care and love you show to others. You owe it to yourself.

3. Realise your work is not your worth

We’ve been brainwashed to chase likes and follows so we can put a number on our worth. If you created something that didn’t turn out as well as hoped, it doesn’t take anything away from your self-worth.  Congratulate yourself for your courage on putting it out there.

4. Clean up your environment

Here I mean the content and people that you surround yourself with. Just because people have an opinion on something, doesn’t mean you need to listen to it. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with only that which will help you! Everything else is just unnecessary noise.

5. Stop judging others

It’s all well and good to wish that everyone would stop ‘judging’ you – but you have to do the work as well. When you are passing judgement or gossiping, you are in a negative mindset. You need to learn to shift that energy to positivity. Automatically you are in a better state to sense new opportunities.

It’s not easy, and there’s some serious work that needs to be done to deal better with the fear of judgement. But it can be done, step by step.

And by following these 5 steps, you can get there.

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