helping you cut through the noise of the internet so it’s easy for your people* to find you

*your people = the people who need what you do & love the way you do it

Right now I’m in a process of “cleaning my palette”

a.k.a. reviewing my offers & the accumulated build-up that comes with 6 years of running a multi-passionate business

In practise this means you can either book in a 1 hour clarity session with me or knock on my virtual door & we can arrange something bespoke!

So either check out The Clarity Clinic here or scroll on down to the Contact Form at the bottom of this page & let’s chat.

Areas of expertise:

  • Clarifying your overall message
  • Making sense of multiple offers
  • Creating content while navigating a pivot
  • Defining your brand positioning & differentiation
  • Getting clear on your audience & “niche”
  • Sales messaging & offer-specific content
  • Overall content plan/style
  • Story ideas for content/content topics
  • Bringing an idea to life
  • Capturing B-Roll video for socials

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