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craft unignorable offers,

& create content that feels like home to your people

Whether you sell a product, offer a service or identify as an online creator, if your business is effectively *you* then I’m here to help you create an online presence that feels like a hell yes! to the people that love what you do & want to pay you for it

it’s time to stop being the best-kept secret on the internet, k?


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who’s Becky?

‘sup friend. Wondering who the frick I am and why the hell you should listen to me?

Well, I’m Becky. A creative business owner who has been struggling with the traditional methods of business building and marketing since I started back in 2018.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made plenty of cash during that time (or at least enough not to go back to my film career). It’s just always felt like I had to compromise some part of my soul & authenticity to make it happen.

Every new strategy I tried, course I bought or technique I learned to grow my business left a bitter taste in my mouth. I could never escape the fact that 99% of sales & marketing strategy treats the individuals that we’re excited about helping as “money on the table” or a datapoint to be converted.

 (the funny thing is most of those strategies barely worked for me anyway… go figure)

So I spent most of 2022 stripping back my strategy & removing everything that felt like it was pulling me away from my values & my integrity in exchange for profit.

And 2023 is the year I start to put it back together, in a way that feels *right* for me. And this very website is part of that.

In terms of why you should listen to me? That’s for you to decide.

I’m not for everyone nor do I think I hold some magic key to success that others don’t. I’m just a human being like you, trying to figure out the kinda person I wanna be & the legacy I wanna leave behind.


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The Business of Being You

I am addicted to “hard work”

& some other f*cked-up beliefs that are keeping me trapped from reaching my full potential

7 sep 2023

How To Answer The Question “What Do You Do?” 

& Why One Perfect Sentence Isn’t Enough

7 sep 2023

a picture of a father holding his daughter at disneyland
When is it too personal to share?

Building a business that is ultimately an extension of yourself is a funny thing.

7 JUN 2023

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